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I love the stupidity of some of these comments. As for my own (stupid) opinion... I give my opinion on the Government all the time I say they are just as stupid and corrupt as my government back home in America. Most of the people I talk to agree with me. I eat out at restaurants all the time and by western standards they are disgusting and would have been shut down long ago but the food tastes great and I don't get sick so no problem. Zoos here make me want to cry granted I have only seen 2 Tianjin Zoo and Shanghai Zoo and if the Shanghai zoo can't get it right I don't see much up for smaller zoos but if I find I nice one I will certainly come back and say so. The electronics thing is kinda dumb as I think most of us live here and we aren't going to fly to another country to buy a TV or computer.

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A very good article. Well, most of laowais haven't been familiar with chinese way yet, their earliest edcation of telling lies, cheating none chinese in several manners and getting up with lot of cover ups. So, whenever you see things unfair, l'd advise and suggest you to take it as you see cause it'll take million years more to teach or correct it, it's life here. most of my made in china mostly lie to me, such as my DVD will tell me no disc while there's but, it was very costly and, good number of restaurants here are as the article said. But, they hate critizism and to be criticised. But, one major thing they fail to know is that, ' A WISE ONE' learn from this act of criticism. l'm not talking about their government, cause l'm sure that whenever their system of informal system education learn lying at teens age improves, the government will, too. l love china for her infrastructural and peaceful development. Treating animals in the zoo bad as the article said is one of the signs to show the heart of been inhuman, insincerely friendship and less blood touching practising here in secret high places.

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Lay off the google translate mate, no idea what you're on about!

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The zoo in Dalian is also pretty darn amazing. The tigers have more open free roaming space than any U.S. zoo I've visited. [except the San Diego Zoo]. I hope more zoos in China either shape up or close down. Also, China's demand for Ivory is eradicating elephants. The media needs to educate the country to stop buying animal skins, food etc of wild animals to save them from extinction.

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David Burt

Your comments on zoos i think are a little unfounded. Have you visited the zoo in Guangzhou?The animals are freeroaming.Also in Sanya the zoo there are Ok.Mainly tigers and crcodiles witha few football playing elephants thrown in.. The dog race you could place bets on but the dogs only walked!! Your article seems you possibly havent had very much experience of good chinese food. And your being a little harsh on what china is really like.I have lived here for eight years from Harbin to Sanya. The only time i had really bad food was in KFC.

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Harry Paratesyacles
comment|20468|0 go with that, David Burt. You're friggin joking right? Chinese zoos are a disgrace. Everybody here knows it except you. 8 years and never had a bad Chinese meal, eh? You're lying through your teeth.

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David Burt,

Man, you clearly are dilussional! Worst meal was at KFC? I got it, you have a Chinese girlfriend and wanted her to read your post. Good boy. Give your head a shake man. We all know the difference here and we all have had crap food from time to time. You don't need to pander to anyone. Stop saying what you think they want to hear, grow a set for fuck sake!

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My god all laoweis know this is true. Hell one of my friends was invited to dinner the host took him and his dog up the stairs to the 6th floor and kick the dog off the roof. Guess what was for dinner. People always talk about rights in china. we all know there is no rights here noone cares about anyone or anything. I have lived here so long now nothing surprises me anymore. Anyways not my country

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DON'T TALK ABOUT THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT ... unless you're pretty sure of the person you're talking with. On the other hand it's a pretty good way to weed out a certain sort of sheep from a certain sort of goat here and has its benefits. DON'T VISIT ZOOS Some are improving. The worst I saw was in Guilin, an aged and moth-eaten tiger which lived in a tiny cage and had its days spent with tourists sitting on it for photographs under the watchful eye of a keeper with a stick. The poor creature was so beaten it was hard to imagine it might savage anyone and the sight of its wretchedness hardly loaned itself to the happy smiling faces of the children who perched upon it. DON'T BUY A VPN WITHOUT DOING YOUR RESEARCH FIRST Better still... don't buy a VPN. There are freeware alternatives out there, my own a small program I simply turn on before I browse and turn off when I've finished. They are, needless to say, difficult to locate but you can do it, and the research time required is probably less than you'd need to set up a VPN in the first place.

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ok, I agree some of that things may happen in China, but I think these things also will happen in lots of countries...We're all we got in this world

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@ (anonymous Mar 16 2010) you sound like the author in disguise....

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Big L

@Sail If god wanted the author to write a different kind of article about China wouldn't he or she have sent the author there?

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Sali, what exactly is unjust about this article? Do zoos in China really treat animals well? Do animals even have any rights here? Are you denying the fact that China blocks websites hence requiring the use of VPNs? Are you also denying the fact that China's food safety record is less than admirable? The article is not saying that China is bad. Most of us live here because we like it here and there are lots of great aspects and achievements China can be proud of, but the ones mentioned above clearly do have a grain of truth to them. Just get over it already.

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this article really unjust , I hope God will give you a chance to visit China, to wholly know she, feel she... you will find China is just another of country on a human scale.

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Laowais telling other Laowais what to do and how to think when in China is ridiculous.

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In response to tip number 5, the Tor button add-on for Firefox helped me out a lot when I was last in China, it is a freeware program and allows you to access websites like Face-book with relative ease by simply changing your I.P. address' location. And in response to tip number 1, I strongly disagree. Today's governments are the same the world over. Take America for example, it could be said that America is a Democracy, but if you speak out against the American government you can also be arrested - just look at some of the people who have been silenced or even arrested for asking controversial questions at American political press conferences before being escorted out by security guards. (democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat for dinner) No one has TRUE freedom of speech, not even in YOUR country so don't try to make out as if the Chinese people have closed minds and do not have the capacity to talk politics. I have some Chinese friends who happily talk politics and have the ability to think analytically.

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i am a Chinese, i fully agree with you on tip NO.1, it is OK to talk about government, it is no longer a taboo in China

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Ref No.4. My Chinese wife told me to ignore the smiley faces for a different reason. Smiley faces can be bought, frowny faces can be given for subjective reasons like .................(fill the space yourself). My judge of a chow house is the number of cutomers. An empty restaurant at noon or 6pm is a very bad sign in China. A full restaurant is a better sign, and the turnover of food (freshness) is also going to be higher.

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Because of articles like this one, everyone thinks that all of us Laowais are or think the same way. bad article

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DR.yasir nazir

eating at a street restaurant was very bad experience for me, making belly cramps for 5 days.itis very true that origional branded electronics are more expensive than many countries.if you plan to stay in china for more than 1 year itake enough clothes and shoes with you. these are of not good quality and often expensive in china.I wonder why people mension that drugs are cheap in china. i bought 5 panadol tablets fot 10 yuan, mm in india its price is about 0.1 yuan.

Mar 11, 2010 22:05 Report Abuse



A very good article, very true. I try not to eat at Chinese restaurants. I once saw a rat running under my table.

Mar 11, 2010 05:00 Report Abuse



look at yourself, clever

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you're a lousy laowai...

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