Yoshinoya Caught Re-Using Rice & Not Disinfecting Dinnerware

Yoshinoya Caught Re-Using Rice & Not Disinfecting Dinnerware
Mar 19, 2013 By eChinacities.com

On March 2, an undercover journalist in Beijing exposed some alarming facts about Japanese fast-food chain Yoshinoya: many branches do not thoroughly clean or disinfect cutlery and tableware, uneaten rice is re-used and sold to customers and kitchen staff do not wear gloves or masks among other things. The journalist visited a Yoshinoya branch in Ginza Mall in Dongzhimen and a branch at Chongwai posing as a jobseeker. During his induction, he noticed that staff would drink out of bowls and directly re-use them to serve food to customers without cleaning them first. Bowls and chopsticks would be soaked in hot water for a few minutes, sometimes rubbing them dry using the same cloths used for wiping down tables and trays – as long as they looked clean, they were ready to use. The journalist also noticed that the disinfection cabinets were not used properly and that the temperatures inside were not high enough to disinfect. What’s more, instead of tossing out old rice, staff would simply re-heat it in a rice cooker and reserve.

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most of the restaurants in china is just like that , its better to not knowing what are they doing back there in the kitchen ....

Mar 21, 2013 19:40 Report Abuse



I agree with Dan. Talk with any restaurant worker of a chain restaurant and they will, under the influence of a drink or two, admit that the rice and many uneaten vegetables are recycled as well as the cooking oil. I have also seen them cleaning those plastic chopsticks by just dumping them into a bucket of soapy water and the rinsing them off. I travel with my own utensils because of the hepatitis risk. China has one of the highest hepatitis infection rates in the world but it is seldom even mentioned. Too much vital information about health risks are concealed in the China. Google what is in Beijing air or rap water, or the lung cancer rates of China sometime and you will be shocked - and you will understand why big red hates google so much!

Mar 21, 2013 08:24 Report Abuse



Oh, such a bullshit article. As if every Chinese restaurant in every city isn't guilty of the same unsafe food practices. Of course we won't hear about those since it isn't a big Western brand name or Japanese owned. It's getting out of hand all these claims news journalists are making, it has become fairly obvious there is some astroturfing going on to tarnish the big western companies like Apple, McDonalds and Yoshinova. In fact, a couple celeberties have accidentally admitted to being part of this whole astrosurfing ring by using their Weibo accounts to spread the word around.

Mar 20, 2013 22:14 Report Abuse