Xiamen Launches New E-Tong Cards: Residents Can Now Top Up Online

Xiamen Launches New E-Tong Cards: Residents Can Now Top Up Online
Jun 26, 2014 By eChinacities.com

Xiamen transport authorities have now launched new travel cards which are safer and more convenient than the previous kind.

The new E-tong cards have several functions including online top up, loss reporting and SMS alerts. There are three different types: the wallet card which is essentially the same as the old ones; the account card, which you can top up online, report loss and receive SMS alerts; and the USB card, which is the same as the account card, but you can plug directly into your computer.
To trade in your old card for a new one, you can head to Wenzao BRT Station or the E-Tong Card service center in Software Park. More service centers will open across the city in the coming week.

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