World of Warcraft Movie Flops in the U.S., Earns Big in China

World of Warcraft Movie Flops in the U.S., Earns Big in China
Jun 15, 2016 By

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The World of Warcraft movie “Warcraft” has earned 1 billion RMB at the Chinese box office in five days. The film had much stronger showing in China than it did in the United States. Box Office Mojo reported that the movie only earned $24.36 million (about 160 million RMB) after three days in the United States. The movie earned 814 million RMB after three days in the box office in China. The gap is pretty evident.

Douban rated the movie 8.1/10, which is similar to ratings received by Fast and Furious 7. However, on American review website Metacritic, the film received a low score of 32 points. The score is displayed in red, indicating that the reviews were negative.

Some analysts believe that “Warcraft” did so well in China because of the large number of Chinese World of Warcraft fans. Those born in the 1970s and 1980s are known in China as the “World of Warcraft generation.” The game is popular with those born in the 1990s as well.


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