Woman Claims Her Dog Was “Raped”; Demands 100,000 RMB

Woman Claims Her Dog Was “Raped”; Demands 100,000 RMB
Jul 10, 2013 By eChinacities.com

Woman Claims Her Dog Was “Raped”; Claims 100,000 RMB
Photo: Ifeng

After she found that her purebred dog had been “raped”, one Guangzhou woman went to the police and demanded 100,000 RMB compensation from the owner of the aggressor. The woman stated that the dog was being used for scientific research, and had a value of 100,000 RMB, and that it was “compulsory” that the dog’s virginal status was maintained.

Police received reports that a male dog, owned by a man surnamed Lin, had mated with the dog in question after the two encountered each other in a neighbourhood in Guangzhou’s Fang Village.

At the police office, Lin expressed his anger at the ridiculousness of the situation, “For animals, this is natural. How can you tell who raped who?” Lin refused to accept responsibility for the incident, though it was reported that the woman who owned the purebred had threatened to take Lin’s dog away and castrate it.

The police have since refused to deal with the case, as there are, surprise surprise, no laws regarding the “raping” of dogs by other dogs.

Source: Ifeng

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ohh, from the above post i see there are nut jobs everywhere

Jul 16, 2013 08:28 Report Abuse



No one has a dog with that kind of monetary worth contingent on the bitch's virginity in their possession, takes it to a dog fair, and pays so little attention to what is going on that a male dog seizes the opportunity to mount her. So, I call BS. Even if it weren't BS, Mr. Lin has a point--dogs hump. It's the woman's fault for taking a pricy dog out, with other dogs.

Jul 13, 2013 04:15 Report Abuse



While the absurdity of the claim is ridiculus, the overall case is not that unheard of. If you have a very expensive pure-breed, you don't want to risk it getting disease or hurting it's reproductive system or even having to pay for the birthing proceedures if you didn't willing submit to breeding. 100,000RMB is a bit high though. If the dogs were off their leash the it's the bitches own fault, but if she was taking care of her expensive-ass pedigree dog and some guys dog comes up and starts humping away I think it's not unfair that she should get some compensation.

Jul 12, 2013 15:01 Report Abuse



so the female dog was a lab rat? so why wasnt it in the lab? besides if a dog cost 100k, they wouldnt eat dog. lastly, some people here are just so stupid/scam artists its untrue, xxxxxx happened so i want money.

Jul 11, 2013 11:04 Report Abuse



I haven't heard it before..

Jul 11, 2013 07:35 Report Abuse



I am sorry isn't this supposed to posted in the comedy section? Or at least come with a strong warning that you will laugh at the silliness of this.

Jul 11, 2013 06:52 Report Abuse



I think my fridge was raped - I definitely saw a cucumber in there and I want compensation!!

Jul 10, 2013 20:35 Report Abuse



Oh my God! Seriously?! Seriously? And then she says the dog is worth 100 grand? Goodness me...

Jul 10, 2013 18:32 Report Abuse



As I understand the law - if it was done "doggy style" there is no offence. That's consensual sex. However, if he had that bitch on her back and her pant(s) pant(s)down, that's definitely forced sex. The police should check the public cameras before they discard this case and perhaps be a little more dogged in their investigations!

Jul 10, 2013 18:19 Report Abuse



' as there are, surprise surprise, no laws regarding the “raping” of dogs by other dogs'. Does that mean that there are laws regarding the raping of dogs by non-dogs? What kind of place are we living in here?

Jul 10, 2013 17:10 Report Abuse



Bestiality is often a crime in most places.... You not from New Zealand or Wales by chance.. baaaaa... The little bitch probably loved it too. Slumming it with the common canines

Jul 10, 2013 19:41 Report Abuse