WHO: 25 Percent of Cancer Deaths Occur in China

WHO: 25 Percent of Cancer Deaths Occur in China
Feb 05, 2015 By eChinacities.com

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The World Health Organization has released a report this week, revealing that 25 percent of deaths from cancer globally occur in China.

The report also said that death rates from cancer have risen in China, as 2.2 million people die from cancer every year.

The WHO released the report ahead of World Cancer Day on Wednesday, in an effort to raise awareness and encourage prevention of the disease.

Lung cancer and liver cancer were cited as two of the most common types in China.

WHO also urged the Chinese government to give more financial backing to cancer prevention research, and assist in the early detection of cancer.

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And the issue is not just on the cause side of the cancer but perhaps more crucially on the treatment side (denial of seriousness, late diagnosis, access to treatment opportunities, disparities, etc.)

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As my Chinese friend would say in response to this news, "China's economy must develop quickly for make China strong!"

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In case of "it's normal, China have a lot of people" : China's population represents less than 20% of the world population, by a large margin.

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