Update: Sketchy Qingdao Shrimp Stall Shuttered, Owner Disappears

Update: Sketchy Qingdao Shrimp Stall Shuttered, Owner Disappears
Oct 09, 2015 By eChinacities.com

A stall owner seriously ripping off customers at a Qingdao seafood stand recently went viral online. Mr. Xiao and his family were charged 38 Yuan per piece of shrimp when the owner originally said the price was 38 Yuan per plate, bringing the total bill to 2,175 Yuan. Xiao said he had asked about the prices in detail before ordering.

The plate of shrimp was billed at 1,520 Yuan. Xiao took a photo of the bill and posted it online and shared it with the media.

Qingdao announced on the city’s official Weibo account that this kind of pricing was illegal, and is classified as fraud. The man was ordered to refund the customers all of their money, and the city carried out an investigation of the incident.

Beijing Youth Daily reported that the man was fined 90,000 Yuan. The seafood stall was closed down and the vendor’s permit was suspended by the city. However, by the time the punishment was handed out, the stall had already disappeared. The lead official in charge of the administration of the seafood market was fired.

Source: inews.qq.com

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Such shellfish behaviour.

Oct 12, 2015 11:27 Report Abuse



The govt responded because Qingdao is a tourist city and this made international news. This why the govt wants to restrict the internet and social media. Cheating and scamming is a way of life in China and the CCP loves it because it keeps the populous divided against each other.

Oct 10, 2015 07:42 Report Abuse



Should be easy to find. What is the guy's Hukou? Wait till Spring Festival and follow family.

Oct 09, 2015 13:53 Report Abuse



So what was the price then, 2,175yuan or 1,520yuan? Poorly written article. And mr Xiao was stupid enough to pay for it? I guess he had to show everyone how much money he has.

Oct 09, 2015 11:01 Report Abuse



Actually he was threatened with a stick, called the police and they said that he had to pay. I suspect that's part of the reason the guy in charge of the market got fired. As for the price difference, surely you can see that he might have eaten something other than the plate of shrimp? I saw the bill elsewhere on the net and he was charged around 300 for something else too.

Oct 09, 2015 14:52 Report Abuse



I wonder how much of this response was because it has been reported in the west on mainstream news outlets (like the bbc)? They say that the police were called and told the man to pay...

Oct 09, 2015 16:15 Report Abuse