Unknown Chinese Smartphone Maker Sues Apple for Stealing Design for iPhone 6

Unknown Chinese Smartphone Maker Sues Apple for Stealing Design for iPhone 6
Jun 17, 2016 By eChinacities.com

Apple has been ordered to stop selling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Beijing by the Beijing Intellectual Property Office. An unknown Chinese brand named Baili has accused Apple of copying its design patent for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus continue to be sold in China for the time being, but Apple faces an administrative lawsuit. Apple has filed a motion to revoke the decision and declared that their product does not copy the technology covered by the patent.

Beijing Morning Post reported that the design patent is question is for Baili’s 100C smartphone. The Beijing Intellectual Property Office determined that the 100C and iPhone 6 and 6Plus have a number of differences, but to the average consumer, the differences are “minor” and difficult to detect.

The case is currently pending. If Apple loses, customers will not be able to purchase the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the Beijing.

Foreign tech website TechnoBuffalo wrote, “I don’t even understand how someone could look at the phone pictured at the top of this post and think it’s an iPhone, but apparently someone in a lower court was convinced.” A number of foreign websites also wrote about the case when the news first broke in December 2014. Some speculated that Baili simply guessed what the next iPhone would look like and applied for a design patent.

Source: thepaper.cn

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If it's true that they stole the Chinese phone's design it will mark a new low for apple who have been playing catch up with android phones for years now on the tech front.

Jun 18, 2016 09:46 Report Abuse



Can't compete with Foreign companies? Ban them... big mistake China. They have created the perfect environment for their own doom. Other countries have already started suing or banning Chinese companies for bullshit reasons, no different from what China has been doing for years with Foreign companies, it's like the snake biting its own tail, China trapped in its own game with no escape, nothing they can do about it but cry and whine to a WTO who doesn't give a fuck anymore. You can kiss goodbye to all hopes of global expansion for Chinese brands.

Jun 18, 2016 09:22 Report Abuse



the courts don't want do anything serious

Jun 18, 2016 06:37 Report Abuse



Joke of the year!!

Jun 17, 2016 22:48 Report Abuse



If you are blind and feel the rounded edges of the phone then sure it's like an iPhone 6. But those of us with the gift of sight can see it is nothing like an iPhone 6. Seems to be China siding with Chinese companies again.

Jun 17, 2016 17:06 Report Abuse