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On August 24, Chinese Weightlifting Association released a statement with regards to three female weightlifting athletes, Cao Lei, Chen Xiexia and Liu Chunhong. The three gold medalists have tested positive for banned stimulants in the retest of samples. The full statement is as follows:

Our Association has learned from the International Weightlifting Federation that three Chinese female weightlifting athletes, Cao Lei, Chen Xiexia and Liu Chunhong, have tested positive for banned stimulants in the retest of samples from 2008 Beijing Olympics.

We are stunned by this information. The Chinese Weightlifting Association has always sought to uphold the World Anti-Doping Code and related policy by the International Weightlifting Association. We seek to abide by strictly prohibiting, diligently testing and seriously reprimanding in our anti-doping initiatives, stressing a “zero-tolerance” for the use of stimulants. To this end, the Association has organized various educational events, established a strict system for dealing out punishment in the case of offense and have cooperated with the Chinese Anti-Doping Agency in carrying out comprehensive testing and anti-doping investigations.

The Association is highly concerned about the positive results of the retest of samples in this case. We will commit full cooperation abiding by related rules by the International Weightlifting Federation and the International Olympic Committee in the investigation of the testing results. Once violations have been fully investigated, our Association will punish all related offenders to the full extent as permissible under law.


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Is the reason why Chinese are not winning as much because of less cheating?

Aug 25, 2016 23:24 Report Abuse



Stunned only because they got caught

Aug 26, 2016 06:13 Report Abuse



Translation: We are stunned that we got caught so we have decided to throw our athletes under the bus. They are not real communists. They have been corrupted by the West. We blame the USA.

Aug 26, 2016 13:48 Report Abuse



Now all they need is someone to go on tv and confess to being to sole reason why this happened....

Aug 26, 2016 15:18 Report Abuse



Good job

Aug 26, 2016 18:50 Report Abuse



OMG what a complete shock!

Aug 29, 2016 19:11 Report Abuse