Shenzhen Police: Rideshare Drivers Dangerous For the City

Shenzhen Police: Rideshare Drivers Dangerous For the City
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An investigation into popular rideshare services in Shenzhen shows that the companies’ recruitment processes may be too lax. The investigation looked into drivers from Didi Kuaidi, Uber, Shenzhou Zhuanche, Xing Xing and five other rideshare services. Issues that came up in the investigation included violations and accidents, and customer complaints not being dealt with effectively, and lack of fair competition.

The Shenzhen PSB led investigation found that the rideshare services hired drivers with drug problems, mental illnesses, and even cancelled drivers’ licenses. One driver had lost his license after being caught driving while on drugs. 1,425 rideshare drivers in Shenzhen had past drug convictions, and 1,661 had criminal convictions or mental illness.

There has been a number of traffic accidents in Shenzhen involving rideshare drivers. On March 26, two men were injured in an accident on Binhai Avenue. The two drivers in the accident were both Didi drivers. One of the drivers, who was suspected to have been drunk, hit a man in the street and drove away.

Shenzhen PSB reported that there were 756,000 traffic accidents and incidents involving rideshare drivers in 2015. Of these, in 3,653 case the driver was extremely tired or sick and still continued working and ended up killing their passengers in an accident.


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