Shenzhen Police Catches Hubei Gang Running Fake Online Huawei Store

Shenzhen Police Catches Hubei Gang Running Fake Online Huawei Store
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Shenzhen Longgang district police recently caught a criminal ring running two fake online Huawei stores. 26 suspects were arrested this past Saturday in a police raid in Hubei. Police found that that criminals had made more than 20 million Yuan from sales on the fake sites.

On October 27, the Longgang Public Security Bureau received a report from Huawei that a company had been creating fake versions of its website to sell Huawei phones online. When customers ordered from the fake sites, they either received a shoddy fake or nothing at all. In the same period, local police in Bantian, a neighborhood in Longgang, received a number of reports regarding the purchase of fake cell phones.

Customers on the fake site were tricked because its similar layout to Huawei’s real site. They would call the number on the site and speak to a “Huawei representative,” who would note the model they wanted and help process their payment.

Customers who ordered 3,000 Yuan Huawei phones received phones worth about 300 Yuan. Most people received a package with a phone that was not a Huawei phone, but a shoddy black market product. A number of consumers received nothing after paying for their phone. 

The gang created two fake versions of Huawei’s official website and purchased ad-space to get them at the top of the search results page. A number of customers clicked on the site because it was the first option in the results, thinking it was the real thing.

On Saturday, a task force arrested 26 suspects in Zhijiang, Hubei and escorted them back to Shenzhen. A large police squadron escorted them back, with two suspects per policeman. All together, they took up a whole train carriage on the way back.


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Dec 03, 2015 21:54 Report Abuse



If they did it means guanxi , police and law won't do anything with them

Dec 03, 2015 21:13 Report Abuse



This is a serious lesson for Chinese criminals. If you are goin to rip off a company, rip off a Western one, like Apple. Then, the government will stand with you.

Dec 03, 2015 11:53 Report Abuse



Did they recover any of the money?

Dec 03, 2015 06:03 Report Abuse



It's all been invested overseas and deposited in foreign accounts at this point.

Dec 03, 2015 08:09 Report Abuse