Shenzhen Foreigner Stands Trial for Illegal Sale of Electronic Touch Pens

Shenzhen Foreigner Stands Trial for Illegal Sale of Electronic Touch Pens
Jul 26, 2013 By

One Pakistani businessman in Shenzhen has recently been apprehended for selling electronic touch pens without the required licences. 28,558 pens were reportedly seized at his company office, and it was also found that he commissioned a printing company to make a large number of books that could be used with the pens.

On July 24, the man, along with a man named Zhang Ning, who is a representative of the aforementioned printing company, appeared at the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court to stand trial. During the trial, the Pakistani man confirmed that he didn’t have the correct licences from the relevant authorities, though claimed that he knew little about Chinese law. He has expressed apology for his behavior, but the case is still underway.

Source: Hexun

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hmmm.....well i would say follow the law.....and none of this will happen.... and in any country respect the law......why take chances!!!

Aug 05, 2013 00:30 Report Abuse


Pens are a product... merchandise ... illegal by law, applies to Chinese and foreigners alike. Does this man pay taxes? Does this man pay rent for store front? Does this man have license to sell? Does this man have a registered business in China? Is he a Chinese national? Then WTF are you talking about dude? Does he even have a legal visa? You dont know enough about this to say anything. Again, a naive foreigner talking out of his/her ass based on assumptions.

Aug 03, 2013 13:59 Report Abuse



I went to a school donating books for free. A policeman appeared he wanted to arrest me for selling books without license. When he found out that I was giving for free he was ashamed but not remorseful. I laughed at their ignorance.

Jul 27, 2013 20:32 Report Abuse



This is so bias of china.The first person in this news should have been a Chinese and the world know it all. Since they always want to be flawless in the eyes of the world,a poor Pakistan man will take the blame. who is apprehending Chinese people for all the fake things they copy and produce without licences or are they looking for skip goat to blame their problem on foreigners.

Jul 27, 2013 18:42 Report Abuse


Why shouldn't they protect their own jobs and people? Are you really defending this guys actions based on, if its ok for other to do why not for him. This is flawed logic my friend...just because others do wrongful things doesn't give you the freedom to follow suit. Remember that this is China and we are foreigners and we should respect the laws as if in our own country... The actions of this man could be become viral and also create social unrest with local street merchants if allowed to continue. If the pakistani police caught Chinese merchants in pakistan selling on the streets they would arrest them and seize all their goods... why should foreigners think they can do as they like? When I was living in NYNY the police would regularly arrest or and detain street vendors with no license! Normal Noraml Normal in all countries...

Aug 03, 2013 13:54 Report Abuse



What about Chinese that stole IPs? Why are they not prosecuted?

Jul 26, 2013 21:16 Report Abuse



It couldn't possibly have anything to do with systemic ethnocentrism entrenched in governance. Nahhhh.

Jul 28, 2013 19:30 Report Abuse