Shanghai Disneyland Adjusts Tickets to the Regular Price of 370 RMB Starting September

Shanghai Disneyland Adjusts Tickets to the Regular Price of 370 RMB Starting September
Aug 24, 2016 By

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Starting September, Shanghai Disneyland will adjust peak season ticket price from 499 RMB to the regular price of 370 RMB. Seniors, children and those with disability will enjoy the further discounted price of 280 RMB.

Shanghai Disneyland will also start their very first limited-time promotion for children returning to school. From Aug 22 to Sept 9, Disney-themed backpacks, stationery, lunch boxes, water bottles/cups will be 20% off. Also, consumers who spend 200 RMB or more at any of the shops in the park can show their receipts at a shop of their choice to buy the special edition Disney backpack for 50 RMB. Eligible purchases are for the day only and cannot be accumulated over separate days. Those who purchase two meal sets (one main dish and a drink) at any of the restaurants in the park are also eligible for a free kid’s meal set.

The ending of summer vacation also signals that likewise the tourism market is simmering down. Past trends indicate that the tourism industry is entering a trough period after the end of summer, before picking up again at October 1 for the National Holiday Golden Week.


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And today's "news" is sponsored by..... Shanghai Disneyland!

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good news, really like to visite Disneyland Shanghai

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the chinese special edition backpack comes preloaded with krapp

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