Rat, Fox and Mink Meat Sold as Mutton in Shanghai and Jiangsu

Rat, Fox and Mink Meat Sold as Mutton in Shanghai and Jiangsu
May 06, 2013 By eChinacities.com

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On May 3, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security announced that its nationwide campaign against food safety crimes had handled 382 meat crime cases since January 25, seizing more than 20,000 tons (!) of fake and inferior meat in the process. One particularly disturbing case uncovered during the campaign involved a group in Wuxi, Jiangsu that was selling fake mutton.

The Jiangsu investigation found that since 2009, a suspect surnamed Wei from Shandong had been running a ring in Wuxi that bought up fox, mink and rats without quarantine inspection, and was selling the meat as mutton to agricultural markets in Shanghai and Jiangsu. Wei used additives such as gelatin, carmine and nitrate to make the meat look and taste the same. In that time, the group made more than 10 million RMB, according to police.  

Since February, the public security organs in Wuxi and Shanghai have arrested 63 suspects and raided 50 “fake meat dens”, destroying more than 10 tons of raw meat.

So… anyone in the mood for some chuan’r tonight?

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in other news, BK, McD's, and KFC are unveiling their new mutton burgers....

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i think it is time for me to pack my bags.

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