Preferential Policy

Preferential Policy

State regulations provide that the income tax for enterprises with foreign investment is 30% of the taxable income, yet those enterprises operating within the jurisdiction of Beijing Municipality and/or operating in the Beijing special economic zones will be taxed at a favorable rate of 15%.

Any enterprise with foreign investment in a production-based industry and contracted to operate for a period of not less than ten years shall, from the first year of profitability, be exempted from income tax for two years and have a further fifty percent tax exemption in the third to fifth years.

For enterprises that export their products (after the above-mentioned 5 year tax incentive period expires) the rate of corporate income tax shall be 12% if 70% or more of their total production is exported.

Foreign investors who reinvest their profits/dividends from their enterprises in China for a period of or over 5 years can be refunded 40% of the tax they have paid on the reinvested amount. For reinvestment that is injected into an export-oriented enterprise or enterprise with advanced technology, all the income tax that was paid on the reinvested amount will be refunded.

Equipment imported by overseas-funded projects for their own use may be exempt from customs duties and import value added taxes, provided these projects are listed in the appropriate catalogue of eligible projects.

Preferential Policies of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone

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