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Planning & Development

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Strategic Planning and Development
Beijing will form an urban structure which continues to rely on its traditional core area, while developing multiple satellite centers and stressing construction of sub-regions. Satellite centers include the Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Zone, the Olympic central area, the CBD (Central Business District), the Technological Innovation Center in Haidian Shanhou (Rear Hill) Area, the Shunyi Modern Manufacturing Base, the Tongzhou Comprehensive Service Center, the Yizhuang New and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Center and the Shijingshan Comprehensive Service Center.

Industrial Orientation
Over the next few years, Beijing will vigorously develop knowledge and technology-intensive industries, cultivate trades with low energy consumption and high added value and stress developing modern services, new-high tech industries and modern manufacturing.

The city will change the current situation of over-concentration of functions in the central areas, disperse traditional manufacturing and develop metropolitan-style industries in clustered groups under modern planning conditions for the purpose of saving resources, protecting the ecological environment and increasing employment.

The city will also place emphasis on developing its hi-tech industries including electronics and information technology, light-electromechanical, bio-medicine, auto manufacturing and new materials. It will also encourage the development of metropolitan-style industries such as garments, food, printing and packaging. The city will form a new hi-tech industrial belt centered at Yizhuang and alongside the Jing-Jin-Tang Expressway.

The city will also continue to emphasize support and development of the tertiary industries of finance, insurance, trade and commerce, logistics, culture and exhibitions.

Key Urban Development Planning Issues
1. The city will further improve the Wangfujing, Xidan and Qianmen business areas in the old city zone, developing trade, commercial and cultural tourism zones in which modern and traditional trade and commerce are combined and complemented. Beijing will also construct some comprehensive business areas in the Shunyi, Tongzhou and Yizhuang New city zones.
2. Beijing will form a new transportation pattern integrated with the central city area, urban areas and inter-city areas. Traffic jams in the urban areas will be mitigated, providing support to complete realization of the strategic concept of  a "New Beijing, Great Olympics".
3. The city will plant three green ecological buffers in the surrounding mountainous areas, plains and build an urban green belt with a tree coverage ratio of 55%.
4. Guided by the concept of a "Green Olympics, Hi-Tech Olympics and People's Olympics", Beijing plans to host the best Olympic Games in history. It plans to use 37 stadiums as Olympic venues, 32 of which are located in Beijing, including at the "Olympic Park" main central area, the "Western community" area centered on the Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center, the "University Area" which has four stadiums including the Capital Stadium and the "Northern Scenic Resort"  which has two stadiums.

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