Passenger Who Violate No-Smoking Rules Twice Can Be Refused Service for Riding Bullet Trains

Passenger Who Violate No-Smoking Rules Twice Can Be Refused Service for Riding Bullet Trains
Aug 16, 2016 By

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Starting on August 15, the high-speed/bullet train passengers that were penalized by police for smoking aboard the train would be refused sale of tickets for the same class train temporarily.

China Railway Corporation requires that all ticket sales platforms (ticket booths, 12306 online and mobile ticketing website and automatic ticketing machines) temporarily suspend selling high-speed/bullet train tickets to passengers who were found to have violated the no-smoking rule aboard trains.

The new rules stipulate that passengers who were found smoking and handed infractions by the police would be temporarily refused sale of high-speed/bullet train tickets. Regular class train tickets are not affected and will be available. The passengers found in violation could only resume purchasing the higher class tickets after they have brought along an original piece of identification document and signed an agreement at any of the railway customer service centers. If the passenger is found to have violated the smoking rules a second time after the signing of the agreement, they would be further refused service on all high-speed/bullet trains across the country.

According to railway safety management bylaws enacted in 2014, 16 violations including smoking on board high-speed/bullet trains and/or other non-smoking areas aboard normal class trains are deemed to constitute endangering railway safety. These violations are punishable, depending on the severity of the offense, anywhere from admonishment to a fine of 500 RMB to 2000 RMB.


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