Overly Tired Student Calls Police on Military Training Instructors

Overly Tired Student Calls Police on Military Training Instructors
Aug 18, 2015 By eChinacities.com

“I'm dying of tiredness, and the instructors still want me to train.” Recently, a Nanjing high school freshman reported his instructors to the police for overly harsh military training. However, the police sided with training instructors and did not find that corporal punishment was being used.

Police officer Xu Youzhong said that he received a call last week from a high school student complaining about the harshness of a student military training base in the city's Liuhe District. When police began to question the boy over the phone, he hung up.

Police were concerned and traveled to the student military training base. They tried to call the student's phone back, and after ignoring them many times, he answered and said, “The instructors are going to increase the amount of training. I'm dying of tiredness, and they want me to train.” The student refused to give his name and hung up again.

Officer Xu said that police investigated the base and found that “no corporal punishment was being used on students.” Furthermore, because of hot weather, instructors had shifted the afternoon schedule begin later in the day for the sake of the students.

Zhang Yong, a Liuhe high school principal in charge of the military training base, said that students train from 7:30 am to 11:40 pm, and again in the afternoon from around 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm (depending on weather) until 5:20 pm.

Student military training is not just physical, it also includes CPR demonstration and simulation, and national defense related education.

Some parents have complained that sending students to complete a few days of military training is superficial and has no practical significance. Zhang disagreed, noting that the training is important for students' “physical and mental health,” and “willpower.”

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I think it good for overly protected students, to get a little physical exercise, get them off their cellphones. I have had military training. This is only for a week.

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We don't need an other hhheeeeeeerrrrrrooooo !!! Too tiring.

Aug 19, 2015 09:01 Report Abuse



Wai Ne

Aug 18, 2015 20:58 Report Abuse



Everyone knows it is just a propaganda training course. The PLA has plenty of cannon fodder.

Aug 18, 2015 18:51 Report Abuse