Obama: US Will Support Japan on Diaoyu/Senkaku Island Dispute

Obama: US Will Support Japan on Diaoyu/Senkaku Island Dispute
Apr 23, 2014 By eChinacities.com

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On the eve of Barack Obama’s four nation tour of Asia, the US president has assured Japan that it will receive full US support if a military dispute should arise. Obama arrives in Tokyo on Wednesday to kick off a trip intended to show Japan and Korea that they have US backing with threats from China/North Korea looming.

One of the main talking points will be the Diaoyu (Senkaku in Japanese) island dispute that’s been boiling under (and over at times) the surface since 2012.

Obama and the US are in a precarious position as they look to strengthen ties with the aforementioned nations, while staying on solid diplomatic ground with China.

Obama also voiced his wish that the tensions be eased with open dialogue and compromise rather than coercion. Wouldn’t that be convenient Mr. President.

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If we talk about the war with a purely militarian vision. USA would kill China without any kind of problems. But the thing is that the war is more and more evolving in a data collection and hacking war. I think China would be able to pown America on that one. Because it's infrastructures is way less automatized than the US ones. American Cities, hospitals, electricity grid, everything is ruled by computer. While China still uses Analogic systems to keep things running. Sometimes being late doesn't necessary means it's a bad thing.

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Quite right, hperan, but the original debate was China and Japan, and what kind of backing the US could actually provide. I don't think it would or could be significant, because of the grip China has on Washington's purse strings. The inescapable fact is that Washington's insurmountable debt puts it in a very precarious position against the world's strongest economy. My sincere hope is that none of this gets past the purely rhetoric hyperbole that surmises all it has been thus far.

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My China, you seem to forget an important fact. The USA could see a conflict as a good thing. They could see it as an excuse to force China into writing off this debt. You also seem to think that some magic numbers on a piece of paper would keep China safe. You need to remember that the USA has a military alliance with Japan and I think they would honour it as not doing as not doing so would 1. make them lose their influence in the pacific 2. make them lose many lucrative arms contracts with asian countries. 3. make the US allies lose faith in the USA. China has only really had one modern war and was losing terrible to Japan during this time. It is true China has advanced a lot more since then but so has Japan. You are foolish or naive if you just read the Chinese media when they show the stats of military equipment in the style of trump cards. Other countries also have militaries too. Japan has been buying all it's equipment from the US for a long time. Because of Chinas constant threats your country has infact made sure they are well armed and ready for a fight. It is unlikely your military would have the strength to gain a defendable foothold on the mainland before fleets of US and US allies arrived. If Chinakeeps pushing others will push back. I don't think it will be long before there is an version of NATO in asia consisting of all the countries your government is trying to bully. They will be headed of course by the USA.

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Part of what you're not considering is that most of that debt is public and governmental... most of the citizens, and most of the government is seriously in debt. The people who actually control the US are reeking in the money, and for them, a war is just another way to get more money. It's big business corporate America that doesn't have debt, and would profit the most from a conflict!! And, who cares the least about those debts...

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Yes, Shining_brow, but your missing the hidden agenda and the role of modern Washington. Yes, the corporations don't care about that debt. But they would suffer greatly, because these same corporations need the US to carry out one of its three primary functions, which is to provide a military to topple foreign countries. The US has to borrow a minimum of 500 billion dollars a year just to function, and that number rises each year with the annual debt ceiling increase. The vast majority of that money comes from China, and if a war broke out, all that money would dry up. And if the US chose to not pay that debt? What other country would ever loan money to the US again? But the bigger picture everyone seems to be missing here is Russia. Russia already declared last year that in an conflict with Japan, they will back China. With all of the hypocritical double-talk from Washington regarding Russia, you think that pledge of support has diminished? What most people are seriously failing to grasp (be it from some sort of misplaced patriotism or whatever), is that the US is no longer the big bully on the playground, and the only one offering a helping hand. China is going to other countries and offering a hand of friendship, whereas the US continues to extend a hand with a gun. Who do you, with China's immense rising status in the world, these countries are going to side with, in the end? The US is nothing more than a paper tiger, and her corrupt politicians and greedy corporations have already sealed its doom.

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Yes, and talk is all the US government will ever do. The US is no threat to China and it never again will be. When push comes to shove, Beijing holds the upper hand in that little duet, and it will stay that way! In the end, if there ever is a military confrontation with Japan, China will obliterate them. And who will the US back? A militaristic, demagogue like Abe, or the nation that has single-handedly kept the US economy afloat for the past 7 years?

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You mean the US that has kept China's growth boom continuing? I find it ironic how Chinese consider Japan the imperial monster, yet China is NOW the one with imperial expansionist goals.

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Gee, sounds like a quote direct from Washington itself... Funny how ANY country that tries to rise and threaten Washington's attempt to dominate the world in any way is suddenly a country with 'imperial expansionist goals.' I don't see Beijing rushing off the invade other countries to steal its resources, never mind basing such invasions on lies and misinformation. And if you live in China, you should brush up on the history of the region. Japan was (and under Abe will soon be again) an imperial monster. And just HOW is the US maintaining China's growth boom??? Ridiculous! China lends the US $500,000,000,000 a year just so it can make it's budget!! All China has to do is flood the market with those useless T-bills and you'd see the US economy go down faster than the Titanic. And you better realize Washington knows it all too well.

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Buying bonds is not a loan, it is called investing. China invests in the US because they know it will pay off more than investing in CHina. Not like when Americans invested much more in China to protect it from Japan. And all the US has to do is refuse to pay on the those bonds and hold it against China's debts to the USA that China has yet to pay back. When your economy is dependent on exports you should really try not to piss off the people who buy your crap. That is how other countries, especially the USA is keeping China alive.

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All of China's external foreign debt totals $728,900,000,000, and her Total gold reserves totals $3,341,000,000,000. US external foreign debt totals $15,930,000,000,000, and rises annually with each debt ceiling limit increase. Us total gold reserves totals $150,200,000,000 (the zeroes ARE correct)(http://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=united-states-of-america). It is estimated (no one really knows the exact figure) that China holds $3,000,000,000,000 of US foreign debt, but possibly more. China could pay off all of her debt and her gold reserves would scarcely feel it, including whatever minor amount she may owe the US. You have it backwards. All China has to do is call in those notes and cut off the faucet of money the US is clearly dependent upon. And if they refused? Well, guess what flooding the market with 3 trillion dollars worth of what would then be worthless T-bills because you chose not to pay for them. Never mind adding in the amount of US debt Russia is holding, and you have a recipe for disaster. The truth is that the US is playing a game of Russian roulette with their economy to blindly chase their hegemonic ambitions, and the American people are the ones flipping the bill. And in case you haven't noticed, China is no longer the factory of the world. She is quickly building her own industries and her technology sector is booming. Check your tags. I bet your seeing more and more items from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia. And 90% of all western medicine now comes from India.

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Although I agree with some of your comments about the US economy. I Think a country dependant on exports (China) would not benefit from such a conflict. You speak as if China could win a war over the islands. When talking about island based conflicts there are two questions you need to answer. 1. Can you take the island. 2. Can you keep the island. I am sure that could capture the islands very easily if they were quick about it. I am also sure China could never hold the islands for a long time. China's navy is not very capable and a little dated. The pride of the Chinese navy is a second hand aircraft carrier from the 80's. China would never start a war over the islands. There is no point. It is just used as a beacon to direct anger away from the CCP. Ask yourself, what would China gain from the islands. A little bit of gas and oil. That is if they win. What would happen if China lost? A government that uses nothing but national pride to inspire loyalty loses everything when it looks weak. Imagine the mighty Liaoning on fire and sinking. The photos would be all over Weibo the Chinese would see it as their country losing face big time. They will be angry. Most will blame the evil west. Many will also blame the weak leadership who started the conflict for some stupid little islands. Body bags full of your countries dead soliders don't gain the party any popularity points. Think about what you say before you answer. Yes China has some new toys for their military. The stuff you see in the parades are all reserved for your special forces. The majority of your army are still using out of date equipment. They don't even have real combat experience .

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Yes, I agree, it would not be easy for China to take the islands, although I highly doubt the US would or even could interfere. And I also agree that it would, indeed, be a waste, since the islands are of very little strategic value. But China's military is a bit more advanced than you make them out to be. Yes, they still have a lot of outdated equipment, but remember, Japan's military isn't very big, so sheer numbers could defeat them, and numbers has always been China's greatest strength. But I am also confident that China will do everything they can to avoid a war because, unlike Washington, they know that war is a ghastly, horrific thing, and should only be entered into when ALL other avenues have been crossed. One of the things I appreciate about Beijing. Thanks for the thoughtful, intelligent reply, and not the knee-jerk, you're-not-a-patriot kind of reply this site is full of.

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quite ironical, why are you here in China for a couple thousand of bucks instead of being in the US for more and that too out of the the crap you live in...

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Tit For Tat. Look, there's no denying that China and the USA would both suffer terrible economic losses. However, What has more intrinsic value, money saved in the bank, or fresh oranges growing on trees? The point is, a war between the USA and China would result in a world economic tragedy. Everyone would suffer. It would be the next dark ages. So, the real question is, who has the ability to survive such a thing? I would argue that China, with its massive population and crumbling infrastructure is already balancing on the edge of widespread famine and disease. The urban population is definitely unable to support itself, simply based on the fact that there's no room to grow enough rice to feed everyone! The USA consumes way more than it should, therefore it can afford to lose a little more and still survive. God, China doesn't even have clean drinking water NOW! So, let's not argue over who would suffer more economically, because we're all tied in together. Let's talk about survivability. That's what you need to be concerned about. I would much rather go back to my home town and live off the land, rather than to try and fight millions of Chinese people, who turn to cannibalism because they're starving to death. That's not going to happen. They'll never go to war because it would mean the world comes to a grinding hault. I do agree though that this Japanese leader needs to stop rattling his saber just as much as China needs to stop trying to flex its skinny frail little muscles.

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Guest2391644, When you learn to spell and use correct grammar, then I will reply. Damn... I really hope you aren't an English teacher....

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Contrary to the grammatical and spelling mistakes, his point is valid to some extent though naive. All the people over here are not teachers, I guess. I adore your wish in that case.

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Japan would hand China its butt - all nicely wrapped up! I mean, let's look at this from a different perspective... one of the most (if not the most) technologically developed nations on the planet.. vs "we're still a developing nation". China doesn't stand a snowball's chance! "But we've got 1 million troops." And, just what are you going to do with them? Line them all up on the eastern coastline? Cos, you put them in ships to sail across the sea, and they're going down!! IFF a war did start, I do wonder what the Philippines would do (which really does have a treaty with USA), or Thailand and the other countries in the area that have 'border disputes' with China). If we really really want to look at possible options, I can't logically see why, if a war were to break out, the CCP wouldn't see itself being replaced by a more 'western-friendly' puppet. But then, I also see the possibility of nukes being used as a 'last resort'.. and that would really be nasty! (however, given the concept of 'face' and the immanent losing of a war....!!)

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thefidu881, I am here because I love this country, and I will support her against ANY enemies, including the government of the country where I was born and raised, the US. China is not out there trying to dominate the world by assassinating world leaders, corrupting what would otherwise be benevolent benefactors of their people, CIA-sponsoring death squads designed to terrorize and intimidate people into submission while their US-backed dictators allow American corporations to plunder their natural resources, or outright invading other countries with no cause, or causes based on lies and misinformation. I don't care how much money I could make in the US (which is not much, if you could even find a job there today), I love being here, I love my work, and I love the fact that I can walk down the street of any city in China at 2am and not have to worry about some junkie trying to rob me. Call me a radical, but I DO believe a government's FIRST responsibility is the welfare of its people. I hope that clears it up. Now, for the replies... wait for them....

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What planet are you from Mychina01. You must be a troll. You believe a government's FIRST responsibility is the welfare of its people??? Do you seriously believe this is the CCP's first priority? Their first peiority is to stay in power. They don't need death squads because they can just imprison anyone without a reason. If you don't believe these facts I feel sorry for you. By any chance are you an American born Chinese?

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No, Lord Hanson, I am an American born and bred in New York with Native American ancestry. And yes, I DO believe a Government's first priority is the welfare of its people, but anything remotely resembling that was sought to be crushed by Washington since the end of WWII. Anything remotely resembling that was called "Communism," and the US did everything, including the annihilation of millions of people all over the world, to crush it. The demonization of Hugo Chavez is just one example of what happens when a leader tries to help his people. There's also Allende, Roldos, Arbenz, the list is endless. I suggest you read up on Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Jeremy Scahill if you really want to know the truth behind the US government and their abhorrent foreign policy of the last 75 years. And it is people like you who can't see behind the things China is doing that are putting its people first. This is not the China of 20 years or even 10 years ago. Many people seem to forget that fact, because you are getting your info from so-called mainstream media which is 99% corporate-controlled. If you can't see the trillions in investment China has already poured into the infrastructure of this country to improve the lives of its citizens, then I don't know what part of China you are living in. But, like all the rest, you can't see past the fact that the problems they are facing are huge, not small, and it will take many years until the country is where they want it to be. There is no 'magic bullet' solution. It will take time. Just open your eyes and try to see past the surface, that's all I'm saying.

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I don't care about America's situation but your views on China are strange. I have lived in China for long enough to build friendships and trusting relationships with many Chinese people. This is where I get my information from. Corruption exists in every country. I know this, everyone knows this. It is just taken to a whole new level here. Of course the government does some things to help the people. If you think this government is still communist though you are mistaken. I infact have strong socialist ideals and argee with many communist ideals too and was deeply disappointed upon arriving here. Let me ask you this. Why is it China can build a space station but can't provide electricity and running water to many people in the countryside? Before you say that the plight of the poor from the countryside is not true and it's a western lie stop! I have been in the countryside many times here. Stayed with the people and seen their lives. These people have the exact lifestyle they had before the communists arrived. The communists did nothing, absolutely nothing for the poor. They just replaced the ruling elite. The redistributed their wealth sure enough, straight into their pockets. They then killed everyone who was a threat to their power. I think Mao did try to improve the situation for the people but he just was not a good leader and his ideas were really, really bad. He also managed to put on a lot of weight while millions of people starved to death. The party today are much worse. Only joining the party for the perks if the job none willing tobhelp the people. I bet most of them have never even gotten their hands dirty before. You can live in your weird bubble but don't bother telling people your propaganda. You are one of two people. An american with social issues unable to fit into your home society so you have adopted a different one with great passion. If so how sad because you can love China more then anyone on the planet and live here for all your life but to the chinese you will always be a laowai. You could also be under the employ of the communist party. I have met someone once before in this type of situation. He read peoples emails for the government. Perhaps you are being paid to write positive responses. I think it is the first one.

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Lord hanson, I, too, couldn't care less for the situation in the US, or its continual downward spiral. If it wasn't for the fact that my daughter is still there, I would never go back. But I do disagree on some of the things you say about China. I, too, have been here long enough to form many friendships with colleagues and friends of both foreign and Chinese origin. The difference is that I am not always looking at what China 'has not done yet.' I am looking at what they HAVE done and what they are currently doing. Like the previous responder who said "China's infrastructure is crumbling." WHAT infrastructure??? China is only now building their infrastructure. China has only been developing for the last 20 years, aggressively for the last 10. I, too, have been to the coubtryside, and I know many villages are still without running water and electricity. But they are only now building the modern roads to REACH those towns!! How can they build electrical lines without a road?? I guaratee you, in another 10 years there will not be a town or village without running water and electricity. And you're right, the early leaders of this country turned it into a cesspool of corruption and did little for the people. But I am not talking about 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago. I'm talking about MODERN China. But everyone seems to be incapable of seeing the way China has changed, instead dwelling on what has yet to change. You refuse to look at what China is doing TODAY, instead only looking at what they didn't do YESTERDAY. China is doing exactly what the US did to lift it out of the Great Depression. They are putting the people to work building modern China, building her infrastructure. And they are taking care of their people a lot better than most nations, most notably the US! Why do you think a foreigner must have a foreign expert certificate to work legally here? They are protecting the employment of their people. Stop looking at what China has yet to do, and look at what they ARE doing. There are 1.3 billion people here. NONE of China's problems are small, they are HUGE! It will tke a long time to fix eveything, but it seems everybody is expecting it to be done already! I have no social issues with the US. I have moral issues and human rights issues with the US. And it's not that I can't fit in there. I don't WANT to be there. It's crumbling society, corporate-controlled government, and do-nothing system of politicians, hypocrisy, historical amnesia, rape and murder of the world. That's the issues I have. And no, I do not write for this government or any government. I write from what I see, what i witness, and what I have evidence of. And certainly NOT from any sort of so-called 'mainstream media.' But what I can state here unequivocally is that I support China 100%, and I will continue to support her, and the government of Xi Jinping, because they are doing the best they can to CHANGE China, and i can see it. If others can not, it is pehaps because your eyes are still looking behind you, instead of in front of you.

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MyChina, just pointing out that your conclusion and evidence don't match up. A brief recap. 1) Conclusion: USA is bad, China is better because USA doesn't support it's people but China does. 2) Evidence: Just look at the USA's FOREIGN POLICY TOWARDS OTHER NATIONS. Not very bright, are you. Your argument is extremely flawed. All a person has to do is say, USA promotes its welfare by taking advantage of other countries, TRUE. China promotes the welfare of a select few individuals in leadership by exploiting its OWN PEOPLE. There's the difference. I don't have to sell you this shit, because this shit sells itself. Ask the scholars. Actually, everything you've said thus far is nothing but hot air. The fact that you have the luxury, RIGHT NOW, to sit on a computer and type your words in CHINA, is not something that CHINA gave you the ability to do. They gave you a permit to be here, but they didn't give you the education or the means to be able to move abroad. It's sad that IN CHINA, if I file a labor dispute with my boss, then he has the right to kick my ass out of China. Workers (legal) in the USA have more protection against retaliation, defamation, slave labor, etc. The only entity protected against slander or defamation in China, is the actual Chinese gov't. I'm surprised you are failing to acknowledge the obvious human and animal rights violations here in China too. Have you heard of the forced abortions? What if your daughter, when she's older is forced to have an abortion? You're being very selective with your criteria in which to pass judgment. If you're going to draw a comparison, then you need to include a lot more than USA's foreign policy and building roads to towns in China. If you want consensus evidence, then go down to any US consulate and observe the long line of Chinese citizens waiting for VISAs. Go to the Chinese Exit/entry bureau and look at the long lines of people scraping the walls to try and leave China! You're probably not allowed to return to the USA because of something you did. Is that correct? When I meet your type, usually you have a criminal history or thousands in unpaid Child support. And now you're pissed because the US gov't is on your ass for something. Does that sound about right? Your logic is laughable! Should we really take you seriously?

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WCG, you are the typical, so-called patriotic, close-minded person that unfortunately continually slanders the name of China on websites such as this. You hate that someone else has a valid point, so, like the right-wing warmongers that control Washington, you slander them and throw narrow-minded insults them. Personally, I don't give a damn what you think of me. I'm sure you find it nearly inconceivable that a person could love a country like China, that they 'must be running from something.' I am not running from anything, have no unpaid child support or criminal history. Perhaps, that is more the case with you? I could return to the US anytime I damn well please, but the fact that I have NO desire to EVER return there completely befuddles you, and so you must lower yourself to throwing insults. I know all-too-well the long lines of people trying to go to America, and the simple fact is THEY DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TODAY'S AMERICA. America is a myth, perpetuated by a right-wing media and Hollywood imagery to mask the gruesome truth of life today in the US. US is a melting pot? Then how come there's a Chinatown in every town? A little Italy? A Brighton Beach, a Hell's Kitchen? Melting pot? There's your myth. American Dream? Yeah, if you're asleep, dream all you want! Iteachmy students and my friends here the REAL truth about life in America. The drugs, the crime, the increasing pollution, the corporate welfare state that now runs the country. Oh, but I bet you probably get very angry that I am telling my students about the real America, huh? You gonna call Obama and tell him to send a drone strike to kill me? Sorry, if I refuse to drink from the cup of vitriol and hyperbole and hypocrisy America is running over with, and I choose to do something as radical and UN-American as THINK FOR MYSELF.

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I'm sorry, but by you simply stating that your point is valid, doesn't make it so. You are laced with contradictions my friend. You talk about a right wing media. What? Get your directions straight. Next, if you want to talk about truths, umm you can't believe the stats in China my friend. You do realize they are farse. Violent crime is just as prevalent here as it is in the USA. They just so happen to use knives instead of guns, and they purposefully don't publish stories about them for fear of copy cats. Domestic violence per capita is one of the highest in the world, but it goes unreported. Do you remember the "Amanda Berry" story in the USA. Yeah, did you know that China has since had 10 of those stories erupt about some dude kidnapping women and chaining them in the basement of some home. But it's not hyped up here. In the USA, the media doesn't let issues die off. There are numerous roundtables and discussions and anniversaries that constantly remind us of the tragedies in the USA. But guess what, the state controlled media in China is trying to build a "Safe and Harmonious society", so they purposefully don't continuously report this stuff for weeks on end. You might hear about a gruesome crime where a man hacks up a 2 year old on the street in Chengdu for 1 day, but then it mysteriously disappears and you never hear about it again. In the USA, we have people like Nancy Grace (hate her) who will designate an hour every evening following the trial of a crime against children. Yeah, it makes the USA look like a bunch of psychopaths. But the truth is, there are psychopaths in every country. The only two differences are that 1) the tactics are more medieval here (knives not guns) and 2) you don't hear about it as much in the news because they're trying to promote a "safe and harmonious society." School shootings are actually school stabbings here and just as prevalent. There were 5 back to back incidents in 2009 where someone walks into a school and starts hacking up kids, but the news coverage was minimized in order to prevent copy cats. This addresses one issue, violent crime. What about the state sanctioned atrocities against their own people. The lawyers who mysteriously disappear or found their head run over by a truck because they filed suit against the gov't. Drone strikes, HA! If you were so lucky to have such an instantaneous death in China. How about general health in China? The food safety administration? Cancer cities, because some local factory is notoriously and without repercussions dumping heavy metals into the local water supply. I can at least swim in the rivers back in my home town. 20% of the surface water in China is harmful to even touch! My mother is reading Chinese obituaries and sees that people are dying at age 40 and 50 in China. Longevity, that is a clear and reputable measure of the quality of life for both countries. Guess what, you're more likely to die earlier in China. And, you're more likely to drink that cup of "vitriol and hyperbole" here in China. I believe that you are mistaking the USA's transparency about these issues as evidence that the USA is less safe! You need to wake the f*ck up and realize that the freedom to report is not substantial proof that the USA is bad. Actually, quite the contrary. The fact that you're buying into the snake oil this gov't is selling is clear evidence that their campaign to "promote a safe and harmonious society" is actually working. In rhetoric, of course. But hey, cheers to you buddy.

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