New Civil Aviation Regulations Will Mean Passengers Delayed by Weather Must Pay Their Own Way

New Civil Aviation Regulations Will Mean Passengers Delayed by Weather Must Pay Their Own Way
May 30, 2014 By

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New regulations for delayed flights were drafted yesterday and should be implemented by October this year. The new regulations will deal with the nature of delays and which party is responsible for paying for unforeseen hotel stays and food.

With the rule change we will see airlines freed of any responsibility of paying for food and hotels if the delays are caused by weather. If the airline is to blame for the delay then they will be forced to compensate the passengers for any costs incurred. Any delay of more than two hours will be long enough for passengers to begin claiming back expenses.

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What about delays caused by air traffic control?

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Two hours delay and you can claim? That's absolutely BULL.! I was delayed for more than 8 hours out of Guangzhou and all we got were two greasy rice balls for dinner (business class got 4 grease balls). We asked about staying over at a hotel at their expense but were flatly refused. For the record, my flight was 118:05 but we took off at 02:45 in the morning!

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