Netizens Debate Lighting of Oriental Pearl Tower in Support of Paris

Netizens Debate Lighting of Oriental Pearl Tower in Support of Paris
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On the evening of November 13, Shanghai lit the Oriental Pearl Tower in the colors of the French flag to support the city of Paris the series of terrorist attacks that day. The tower was lit for Paris to mourn the victims of the attacks and to show solidarity with the people of France.

The lighting of the tower triggered a debate amongst Chinese Netizens. Many Netizens said that the message shows sympathy for innocent victims and reflects the universal values of love and justice. Other said that they sympathized with the French, but asked why France didn’t express sympathy for China after the terrorist attacks at the Kunming Railway Station.


What do you think about the Oriental Pearl Tower being lit up in mourning for France

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1) What do you think about the Oriental Pearl Tower being lit up in mourning for France?

- Necessary: The whole world must stand together.


64,629 Votes

- Not Necessary: It is flashy with no real substance, China is merely following the trend.


84,809 votes

- Opposed: When China was attacked, they did not light anything for us.


73,614 votes

- Unsure.


6,723 votes

2) Some Netizens have questioned why the tower was lit for Paris and not Beirut, do you think their concerns are justified?

- Justified: All life must be treated equally.


14,154 votes

- Helpless: If we are not mourning Beirut, then all life is not equal.


73,729 votes

- Hard to Say.


14,503 votes


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All life is precious, why not have the lights/colours up for all the countries where people are treated as less worthy (i.e. Palestinians)and others that have had their lands divided carved up by the very countries who cry terrorists, and yet still suppy arms to them too! Perhaps there wouldn't be some many refugees from these countries as there are now, had not their homes, schools, businessess, hospitials, whole infastructure of nations destroyed and their people discriminated one from another by the very coutries who cry murder, barberic acts, terrorists etc. Terrorist are not born but created by through enforced circumstances and events over a period of time. Let there be lights for all.

Nov 18, 2015 10:23 Report Abuse



How many foreign countries expressed sympathy for China after the Kunming attacks? China was certainly offered tons of help after the 2008 Sichuan quake

Nov 17, 2015 04:53 Report Abuse



I think Syrian refugees should start being be shipped to china also en masse.

Nov 16, 2015 20:41 Report Abuse



Heil Hitler !

Nov 16, 2015 22:24 Report Abuse



"2nd largest economy in the world" thinks it should shut it's door and horde from those in need?..china is glad to see it's neighbors struggle?..china will be glad to see little Syrian boys drown on the Shanghai shores?...No...china's just got a lousy hand, and it is easy to see the bluff.

Nov 16, 2015 23:21 Report Abuse



That's idiotic. European countries are struggling to take care of their own citizens. So they decide to take in a bunch of people who hate them to look 'good' so China should do the same dumb thing? That is one of the things China does right. They do not let immigration disrupt their way of life and economy.

Nov 17, 2015 18:57 Report Abuse



Am i the only one that noticed that two thirds of the tower was lit red, and only the tip blue and white. Seemed like it was more of a statement about China that France. Why have ecc decided to show a unrelated photo when there are plenty of pictures of the Pearl Tower that night? Edit: They have now changed the picture.

Nov 16, 2015 18:58 Report Abuse



That is also what I noticed immediately. The color red is communist china's symbol for victory, celebrations, as in giving someone a red carpet welcome. Red packets or hongbaos are given as part of Chinese new year gifts. The truth is, red is symbolic of blood and violence. This "red tower" can be 1) poor taste, complete ignorance of international etiquette 2) a subconscious leak. Those that know china well can easily tell what the real message is. What is china famous for? Fakes. Hypocrisy. Face. Sorry Mainlanders, you don't deserve any benefit of the doubt with your poor record in honesty and selfishness. There simply were too many "little yiu yiu" and your "generous" tourists have already shown the whole world what you really were.

Nov 17, 2015 09:25 Report Abuse