Netizen Detained for Threatening U.S. and Japanese Vehicle Owners Online

Netizen Detained for Threatening U.S. and Japanese Vehicle Owners Online
Jul 25, 2016 By

A Netizen named Wang from Hengshui, Hebei was arrested last week for sharing a provocative statement online. Police said that Wang intended to rile up other Netizens with his statement and disturb public order.

On July 19, an officer named An came across a statement from a Netizen named “Seven Qi Wang” in the Hengshui subsection of Baidu Tieba online web forum. The title of the post was, “Supporting an organization to vandalize Japanese and U.S. owned vehicles and beat owners of U.S. & Japanese vehicles to death.” In the post, the author wrote, “Beating someone without killing them is an incomplete action.” Local police quickly located “Seven Qi Wang.”  

Police said that Wang had been unhappy over the recent international ruling on the South China Sea dispute. He said that he was expressing his “patriotic enthusiasm,” on the internet. However, police said that this kind of language could result in an adverse social impact. After criticism and education from police, Wang recognized that his actions had violated the law.

Wang was sentenced to 10 days in administration detention for attempting to disturb public order and incite a mob.


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just jap and american cars?; guess BMWs, Peugeots, and Ferraris are okay

Aug 01, 2016 08:25 Report Abuse



10 days for encouraging people to kill others, that is crazy.

Jul 25, 2016 18:37 Report Abuse



Patriotic Enthusiasm, what are you a traitor? I could see it now, 'Why did you rape that Chinese girl?'. Chinese guy, 'Patriotic Enthusiasm!'. Police, 'Ok, 10 days detention.'

Jul 26, 2016 07:23 Report Abuse