Nearly 120,000 Foreigners in Guangzhou, Mostly Japanese

Nearly 120,000 Foreigners in Guangzhou, Mostly Japanese
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According to the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, contrary to popular belief, Africans do not make up the biggest amount of foreign population, but neighbouring Asians do, followed by Europeans and Americans.

Estimates are that on October 25 in 2014, there were 118,000 foreigners living in Guangzhou, of which 57,000 were from Asia, 22,000 were from Europe, 16,000 were from Africa, 14,000 from North America, 5,000 from South America and 4,000 from Australasia.

The five nationalities with the largest amount of citizens living in Guangzhou are Japanese, Korean, American, Indian and Russian. Of the 20 nationalities most common in Guangzhou, Nigeria and Egypt are the only two countries on the list, taking the 14th and 17th positions respectively.

Source: MSN

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I think these numbers should double. How does estimate anyway? According to people who are oficially registered in Guangzhou? I think many people do not open the door when the police comes.

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