National Exposure Index: China 5th Most Vulnerable Country in the World to Hackers

National Exposure Index: China 5th Most Vulnerable Country in the World to Hackers
Jun 12, 2016 By

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Information security firm Rapid7 recently published a “heat map of the internet,” which reveals which countries are the most vulnerable to hackers. Rapid7 scanned the entire internet for unsecured servers in order to create the diagram.

The company also released the National Exposure Index which lists Belgium as the most exposed country in the world. Tajikistan is second, followed by Samoa and Australia. Mainland China is ranked fifth, the U.S. is number 14, and the U.K. is 22nd.

The heat map of the internet was produced by Rapid7’s Project Sonar. Project Sonar allows the company to scan every public IP address on the Internet in a few hours and look at the services they offer.

Eight of the top services offered by services on the internet are not encrypted. These services include POP3 email, and FTP file transferring. Rapid7 said that an unsecure server or an “open door,” is not necessary unsafe for a business, but a business with 20 “open doors” is different to keep secure.

Here is the list of the 20 most exposed countries and regions, ranked by Rapid 7.

1) Belgium
2) Tajikistan
3) Samoa
4) Australia
5) Mainland China
6) Hong Kong
7) Dominica
8) Afghanistan
9) South Africa
10) Ethiopia
11) Kenya
12) Gabon
13) France
14) United States
15) Mozambique
16) Japan
17) Qatar
18) Yemen
19) Russia
20) Argentina


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Which country has the most hackers, got to be USA, Russia or China.

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Who secures an empty vault...

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what's the military say about that...

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