Nanchang Entertainment Overview

Nanchang Entertainment Overview

The flashy neon lights and pumping music of Nanchang's KTVs, bars and nightclubs are the outward show of a lively nightlife which many visitors will enjoy late into the night. Many hotels in the city also have their own KTVs and bars, which are enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

The city's most impressive venue is probably the Nanchang Caicha Theater which along with other theaters in the area stages performances of a local opera known as Huang Mei, or Tea-Picking Opera. The performances have come together from traditional songs and dances which were performed along the rivers in several provinces including Jiangxi in the 18th century.

The local form of stilt-dancing known as Gaoqiao is popular in the summer and during festival times particularly. Dancers and acrobats perform whilst balancing on tall stilts, wearing colorful traditional costumes, make up and wigs. The Gaoqiao takes place alongside fan dances across the city at venues such as Renmin Square: occasionally, temporary stages are set up to host these dances too.

Other local performances can be enjoyed at the annual China Jiangxi International Nuo Culture Week, where Nuo Dances have been part of been a longstanding ritual to drive away evil spirits since the Zhou Dynasty. The city's other major festival is the Nanchang Shengjin Tower Temple Fair, held every year in the autumn around the famous tower, which is steeped in local legend and a much loved landmark of Nanchang.

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