Many Rides Unavailable Due to Maintenance at Shanghai Disneyland, Visitors Offered Ticket Replacement

Many Rides Unavailable Due to Maintenance at Shanghai Disneyland, Visitors Offered Ticket Replacement
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On August 7, Shanghai local news received numerous complaints about the Shanghai Disney Resort. Visitors complained that five rides at the popular theme park were closed due to maintenance and many visitors waited in queue for 2-4 hours only to be turned back. 

A visitor surnamed Liu told reporters that she arrived at the park early in the morning and was only able to go on one of the minor rides. Many major attractions like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Roaring Rapids were closed due to maintenance. Liu’s main grievance is that visitors were not provided proper notice, resulting in many of them lining up for hours for nothing. Like Liu, many visitors thought to bring their kids to enjoy the park in the summer but were deeply disappointed by the abrupt unavailability of rides. 

On Aug 6, disgruntled visitors sought out Shanghai Disneyland manager Luo and demanded a ticket refund. Luo refused to refund their tickets but offered them instead non-dated tickets that would be good for entry for the rest of the year. Liu and others refused because many of them came across the country to Shanghai (Liu from Gansu) and feel that there is very little likelihood they’ll have the leisure to make the trip again within the year. After going back and forth for more than an hour, Liu and others were forced to accept the non-dated tickets. Liu said she and the kids were too tired to draw the fight out. Liu’s main grievance was that the park should advise in advance the rides they plan on closing for maintenance and not opt to broadcast the decision on the spot, letting visitors wait 2-4 hours in vain. 

When contacted by phone for comment, the Shanghai Disney Resort representative indicated that due to required maintenance and operational checks as well as other unforeseen events, the park reserves the right to temporarily close certain attractions and rides.


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I'm surprised no one pointed out the dates. On the 7th the rides are closed. But the Chinese are so good that they actually complain about it on the 6th !!! And after checking no it's not an ECC fault it's what's actually written on the news. TIC

Aug 12, 2016 09:33 Report Abuse



In China, once you hand over the money, it's gone

Aug 12, 2016 09:12 Report Abuse



Because the chinese are out to sabotage American business.

Aug 12, 2016 09:10 Report Abuse



Put up a sign at the front of the queue saying closed for construction? No Way! TIC! Must make everything unnecessarily complicated, like fat food restaurants not labeling popular combos with simple numbers. Think Disney can make exceptions? No way! Bottom line is too important.

Aug 12, 2016 08:52 Report Abuse



Disneyland with Chinese characteristics, the park looks grim as fuck and everything is substandard, the rides were built in China by Chinese workers using cheap materials that break and need replacement or heavy maintenance every couple months while in other Disney parks stuff only needs light maintenance for 5 years before needing any replacement. The staff is rude as fuck, does not smile and hate their job, the mascots are not into their role at all and don't give a damn about their job, you get an army of nong ayis dragging those cheap ass bamboo brooms around the park and spitting everywhere while in other parks they have high tech equipment to clean up around. People shove, push and jump queue, no doubt this is China. And then they want to make us believe that made in China now means quality, haha yeah right. At least we know that the park is owned and managed by a Chinese company, not by Disney, which means none of this is surprising.

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Meanwhile in Hong Kong :D

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I did not know Chinese understand the word "maintenance", I thought it was "if ain't broke, don't fix it". Labor is cheap so wait till it breaks instead of preventing it from breaking. If the construction was done by Chinese workers, that might explain the maintenance issues. The paint job on my home did not last 2 years, I have had to replace all the plumbing inside the house, hell even the metal fuse box has started rusting on a 2 year old building.

Aug 11, 2016 20:51 Report Abuse