A 25-year-old male subway passenger, Xiao Pang, was stabbed with a small knife carried by a 46-year-old man, surnamed Zhang, in the Beijing metro on October 29th. The incident occurred at 22:20 on a subway train between the Yong’anli and Guomao stations on Subway Line 1. An argument broke out after which Zhang stabbed Xiao Pang with a knife that was attached to his key ring, injuring him. Sina Weibo user “Cuina Cuicui” posted that night that she had seen a “knife and blood” in the train. The victim was taken to Chaoyang hospital and police detained Zhang. 

As a result of this incident, the effectiveness of the Beijing subway’s security checks has come under scrutiny. There have been various accounts of seeing subway security inspectors not paying attention or even sleeping on the job as people walk by unchecked. On Monday, an anonymous spokesperson with the public transportation law enforcement office played down the incident, stating that the weapon used didn’t fall under the category of “controlled knives” (knives that can be bought for profession reasons but are banned on the subway) as was rumoured online. Actually, the weapon used was a small fruit knife, which is allowed on the subway.

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Source: globaltimes

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