Man Flaunts Reckless Driving Online; Gets 12 Points & 2,000 RMB Fine

Man Flaunts Reckless Driving Online; Gets 12 Points & 2,000 RMB Fine
May 13, 2013 By

On May 2, a man named Zhang posted a picture online of two tollgate tickets he’d collected earlier that evening. The first ticket, from the tollgate at the highway entrance near Jilin West Station, showed that the time was 11:53, while the time on the second ticket, which was from the Longjia Airport tollgate, was 12:15. The distance between the two tollgates is 63 km, and given the fact that the guy only took 22 minutes to get from one to the other, it’s been estimated that he was traveling around 185-190 km per hour.

Netizens were quick to condemn the showboating driver, leading the post to come to the attention of the local authorities. Zhang was eventually fined 2,000 RMB and given 12 points on his driver’s license (a driver can get a maximum of 12 points per year before his/her license is suspended).

Zhang later told reporters that the reason why he’d driving at such reckless speeds was because his friend had told him that he should “break in” the engine of his new car by bottling it down the highway…

Source: Ifeng

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His crime was getting caught....or as it said....parading his stupidity for others to see. So, just how many drivers do you think "break in their engines" and drive at killer speeds like that, who don't parade their stupidity, but maybe kill a few other drivers in the process? maybe some speed traps along that stretch of road would be a good idea. Now THAT'S progress!

May 13, 2013 21:02 Report Abuse



In hope you never see speed traps here. It leads to dismal driving. I know stretches of road in England that have a speed camera every half mile.... keep them away...please.

May 14, 2013 17:27 Report Abuse