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A fender bender turned into a major incident in Zhongshan last week after one of the men involved in the accident lost his temper.

On Thursday evening, Peng was driving a small sedan and turned from Zhongshan’s Annam Road to Gongye Avenue. Peng arrived at a traffic light. When the light turned green, Zhao, who was also driving a sedan, changed lanes to the left. Zhao’s vehicle lightly collided with Peng’s.

After the accident, Zhao jumped out of his vehicle, ran over to Peng and started to argue with him. Then, Zhao got back into his car and reversed it, hitting Peng on purpose. He started to repeatedly drive forward and back his car into Peng’s vehicle. Police later reported that Zhao caused 19,000 RMB worth of damage to Peng’s vehicle.  

Local traffic police rushed to the scene after receiving a report. They found out that Zhao was a businessman from Sichuan, and Peng was a businessman from Anhui. The two told police that they had realized their mistakes and do not want to case investigated. However, traffic police had to notify the local Public Security Bureau about the incident. Zhao was fined 200 RMB and 3 points were deducted from his license.

On August 4, police reported that Zhao is now in criminal detention and the incident is still investigation.


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haha, that is what happens when road rage occurs

Aug 04, 2016 16:50 Report Abuse



How immature. In Texas,they could have just shot each other.

Aug 05, 2016 08:58 Report Abuse



detention oughta thwart future vehicular assaults...

Aug 07, 2016 05:23 Report Abuse



Still under investigation, dipshits!

Aug 07, 2016 18:50 Report Abuse