Lanzhou Transport - Introduction

Lanzhou Transport - Introduction

Situated as it is in the center of the province, Lanzhou is the transportation hub of Gansu. Thus it is accessible by extensive road and rail links that radiate in all directions. Its five national highways include Highways 109, 212, 213, 310 and 312. It is also traversed by the Tianshui-Beidao and Xining-Lanzhou expressways.

The Lanzhou-Urumqi, Baotou-Lanzhou, Longhai (Lianyungang-Lanzhou), and Lanzhou-Xining trunk railway lines all intersect in Lanzhou. And with the opening up of the "Eurasian Bridge" (enhanced rail transit between China and Europe via Central Asia) Lanzhou now has direct links to countries to China's west. Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport also serves about 40 airlines operating flights to major cities in China and abroad.

The city has a comprehensive transport network consisting of public buses and 24-hour taxis.

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