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Human Resource Overview
There were over 4 million people in the Beijing in 2006. Among them, 2.3 million held college degrees or above and 1.72 million held professional titles. By the end of 2006, there were 7,500 research institutes in Beijing, employing over 450,000 scientific and technical personnel. Beijing spent 37.95 billion RMB on R&D (research and development) in 2006 and the number of patent applications totaled 22,572, among which 10,100 were granted.

There are 82 universities and colleges in Beijing with enrolment of some 555,000 students. The most famous institutions include Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University and Beijing Normal University. There are also 115 sci-tech research institutions for graduate students with enrollment of 178,000. Currently Beijing's universities have research departments which include 1 National Lab, 31 Key State Labs, 41 Key Labs for the Ministry of Education, 10 Specialized National Labs, 58 Labs from other ministries, 6 National Engineering Research Centers, 8 National Engineering Technology Research Centers and 9 Engineering Research Centers for the Ministry of Education.

The Capital's vocational and adult education providers have pinpointed science as their main focal point. Among them, 10 schools are highly developed including the vocational school of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development District and the Beijing Jiaotong School. During the Tenth Five Year Planning period, 350,000 people completed courses at vocational schools with over 97% of graduates finding employment.

Already 30 countries including the USA, Canada, England, Germany and Australia have established educational cooperation programs with Beijing schools. Forms of cooperation include adoption and adaptation of foreign course curriculums, establishing joint training programs, training teachers and co-establishing centers for vocational training. This has broadened perspectives of local teachers, exposing them to modern educational philosophies and teaching techniques, while contributing to overall reform of the education sector in Beijing.

Human Resource Costs (2007)

Average Monthly Wage by Industry (RMB per year)

Sector Wage
Farming Forestry, Animal Husbandry the Fisheries 16,125
Mining 23,774
Manufacturing 24,958
Construction 23,300
Information Technology, Computer and Soft Ware Services 71,544
Wholesale and Retail 32,109
Hotels & Restaurants 19,926
Finance 92,764
Real Estate 29,811
Leasing and Business Services 31,699

Average Salary for Management Personnel

Position Salary (RMB/year)
Financial Controller 105,184
Marketing Director 120,861
HR Manager 95,730
Sales Director 125,648
Chief Engineer 99,012
Customer Service Manager 71,363
Project Manager 59,798
Financial Manager 75,033
Administrative Manager 78,754
Sales Manager 76,936
Merchandising Manager 83,049
R&D Manager 98,543

Average Salary for Technologists

Position Salary (RMB/year)
Computer Technologist 69,604
Mechanical Engineering Technologist 39,703
Electronic Engineering Technologist 65,438
Architectural Technologist 41,780
Petroleum Engineering Technologist 30,065
Metallurgy Engineering Technologist 51,746
Chemical Engineering Technologist 45,418
Foodstuffs Engineering Technologist 28,197
Pharmaceutical Engineering Technologist 41,622
Web Design Technologist 36,617

Average Salary for Service Personnel

Position Salary (RMB/year)
Secretary 25,493
Salesperson 20,059
Cashier 18,293
Buyer 24,235
Waiter/Waitress 17,741
Security Guard 13,550
Cleaner 12,560
Accountant 30,310

Skilled Trades Salary Index

Position Salary (RMB/month)
Lathe Turner 20,352
Grinder 19,968
Foundry-man 20,447
Welder 23,300
Mechanic 27,322
Electrician 20,400

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