Jiuzhaigou Tourist Hotspot Brimmed with Summertime Visitors: Over 30,000 Visitors Daily Eight Days Straight

Jiuzhaigou Tourist Hotspot Brimmed with Summertime Visitors: Over 30,000 Visitors Daily Eight Days Straight
Aug 11, 2016 By eChinacities.com

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On August 10, the Jiuzhaigou Tourism Management Bureau released a statement that as of 5:30 pm local time visitors to the tourist hotspot totaled 38, 298, jumping 0.85% from previous comparable season and topped the largest number of visitors in a single day this summer yet. The Jiuzhaigou Reserve has capped their number of visitors per day to 41,000.

Summer temperatures in the Jiuzhaigou average at 16.8 to 19 degrees Celsius. Visitors are attracted to Jiuzhaigou’s offer of cooler than usual temperatures along with beautiful running waters and lush canopy to hide from the scorching sun. According to official data, from July 15 to August 2, Jiuzhaigou has received more than 20,000 visitors each day in twenty days straight, reaching a total of 50,000 for the period. Starting from August 3, the immensely popular tourist spot in Sichuan province received over 30,000 visitors daily for eight consecutive days, reaching a whopping total of 274,000 visitors for the period.  

A marketing representative with the Jiuzhaigou Tourism Management Bureau advised that the Jiuzhaigou Reserve is capped at receiving 41,000 visitors daily as stipulated by the National Tourism Administration. When the Reserve reaches near capacity, measures will be taken to advise visitors to avoid visiting the park during high peak times and dates. Tickets sold online and at booths will also be capped.  

Source: thepaper.cn

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