Jiangsu Man Reveals Underlying Watermelon Phobia in Office Mishap

Jiangsu Man Reveals Underlying Watermelon Phobia in Office Mishap
Jul 09, 2013 By eChinacities.com

It was reported on July 9 that one 37-year-old man from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, has an overwhelming fear of watermelons. Upon laying his eyes on the refreshing fruit, he reportedly becomes sick with fear.

On July 4, temperatures in Xiao Jun’s hometown of Zhenjiang soared to a scorching 36 degrees. Whilst at work, a well-intentioned colleague had the grand idea of bringing a watermelon to share with his parched co-workers. However upon seeing the fruit, Xiao Jun immediately placed his hands over his eyes and ordered his colleague to take the fruit away immediately.

Unaware of his underlying phobia, Xiao Jun’s colleagues stood there laughing at him, and it was only until Xiao unleashed a fit of anger that the melon was eventually taken away. After calming himself down, Xiao revealed his secret phobia to his colleagues, which has kept him in fear of watermelons for over 30 years.

A reporter later interviewed Xiao Jun, and learned that his phobia arose from a time when he was sick as a child. Xiao explained that for a period of two months, he was forced to repeatedly drink this bitter, foul-tasting medicine which his father, in an attempt to ease the medicine taking process, told him was water melon juice.

Since then, Xiao has been unable to lay his eyes on watermelons as he not only remembers the awful taste of the medicine, but also links it to the feelings he had when he discovered his father was lying to him.

Source: Ifeng

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