Japan and US are China’s Top Overseas Travel Destinations for 2015

Japan and US are China’s Top Overseas Travel Destinations for 2015
Jan 08, 2015 By eChinacities.com

An opinion poll surveying which overseas destinations top mainland Chinese people’s wish lists has revealed that Japan and America are the favourites for 2015, whilst Hong Kong has seen a sudden decline in popularity.

In the survey conducted by Travelzoo, 4,300 participants were asked to rate their top 5 choices from a selection of 44 countries. According to the Wall Street Journal, the depreciation of the Yen and recent relaxation of Japanese visa policies have contributed to the rising popularity of Japan as a travel destination.

The US has also made amendments to visa policies recently in a bid to attract Chinese tourists.

Source: huanqiu.com

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Some governments still need to be waken up by their own people. For their own sake, both Obama and Shinzō Abe will benefit a lot by talking to Taiwan's Ma Ying-jeou and Hong Kong's CY Leung, i.e. if they don't want to learn their lesson the hard way. Same case for leaders of all developed countries; citizens of Japan and USA aren't the only ones who had interacted with china mainlanders.....

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Wonder what your point actually is

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I probably should have given the comment more length. In Taiwan's case, Taiwan's president Ma Ying-jeou just resigned from his position as KMT (Kuo Min Tang) party's leader. That was their worst defeat within the last 20 years, a landslide catastrophe. The key question is --- WHY? BECAUSE (the main reason) Ma proposed a closer relationship with China a few years ago, such as starting to allow china mainlanders to set foot on Taiwan. He isn't a bad guy as far as I can see. He got fooled by the CCP which kept telling him that China was about peace and China mainlanders wanted to re-establish 'warm and close relationships' with Taiwanese....blah..blah..blah...BS. China mainlanders en masse are masters at manipulating your emotions with lies (this is nothing new to experienced expats working in china). Fatal error --- communists don't think like that. They think of you as enemies to be fooled and dream about Trojan horses (looting, money, power, sex.....etc). The young ones in Taiwan weren't stupid. Within a matter of a few years they saw through china mainlanders, just like many an expats in China do. It was them who sat in front of the legislative house calling for his resignation. Not that the older generations are blind to what China mainlanders are all about (they started receiving mainland tourists a few years ago), I would say some are in it for the money, while some are more old school, more tolerant, talk about love, compassion, forgiveness....etc. Now, china mainlanders not only pee and shit on international flights, deface Egyptains' ancient monuments, export gutter oil .... that goes without speaking. The ordinary, street level Taiwanese who had never been to China (heard about was very different than meeting them face to face) now know what china mainlanders are all about, now that they are crawling all over Taiwan, like Hong Kong. Mainlanders' trojan horse worked. Just before christmas 2014, the entire Taiwanese population voted Ma down. This is a key aspect of Taiwan's Sunflower Movement. Exactly the same is Hong Kong's Umbrella Movment which is still in progress, albeit off-the-street. In fact, one of the slogans in Taipei during the Sunflower Movement was "Today's Hong Kong, Tomorrow's Taiwan". Nobody likes rats and cockroaches infesting their home regardless of how much these cockroaches have in their pockets, as simple as that. This came directly from those HK kids who slept in their tents on the streets while going to work during daytime. 79 days, not Marriot or Four Seasons! They said to me, 'china mainlanders are ADEPT at INFILTRATION (that's the exact word used)'. SMART kids. Every country's leaders/people should hear this! HK's poor CE (chief executive), a genuine HK guy who isn't that bad a guy either, finds himself wedged between the CCP and the people of HK. Resign or yield (keep his job), no other choice. He yielded and stays in office. So, like Taiwan's Ma he is extremely unpopular. Even as far as Singapore there were public demonstrations against the influx of china mainlanders. I don't think the Thais, Malaysians, Aussies, French, Germans...etc. are that different either. My point with Japan and USA is, when sufficient mainlanders crawl over these places, shit, pee, defaces them with poor manners, corruption monies, like thieves and robbers exploiting the weakness of your society (in this case exploiting virtues to YOU -- such as kindness, loving, patience, being helpful....etc. which to them are WEAKNESSES and STUPIDIY, not strength or intelligence. Proof? When was the last time you heard a mainlander said thank you or sorry, on the street? Noooo......it is not as simple as lack of manners. The evil goes a looooooot deeper...a warmongering 'smiling' culture with neither appreciation of help nor apologies is more evil than many realiase), Japanese and Americans en masse would start demanding the same of their government heads ----- DO SOMETHING about it, CLOSE the god-damn door to china mainlanders, OR we will vote you down! This would start with the younger ones who are less pre-occupied with monies. Same case applies with UK, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand......worldwide, in a word.

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