Is It Legal? Woman Spotted Walking Deer on a Leash in Shaoxing

Is It Legal? Woman Spotted Walking Deer on a Leash in Shaoxing
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Mr. Sun called a local newspaper hotline yesterday in Shangyu, Shaoxing to report that he had seen a woman walking a pet deer in the city. He reported that the woman had been taking the deer on a walk and earning a profit from it.

He said that last Friday, he had been on a walk out in the city and came upon a small deer. He wondered was there was a deer on the road in the middle of the city. Mr. Sun looked closer, and realized that the deer had a collar on and a middle-aged woman was walking it on a rope.

“It appears that the deer is being kept as a house pet,” said Mr. Sun. However, he said that to his knowledge, deer are wild animals and one would need a domestication and breeding license as well as a business license to keep on as a pet. He added that deer are wild animals, and may pose a danger to public safety if kept in the city.

The owner of the deer is a woman named Ms. Yan. She lives in a home with a small yard where her deer lives with her two dogs. She said in her home village of Lingyunzhang, villagers mainly grew fruit, but there was also a center for deer breeding. In 2009, a large-scale deer farm opened.

Mrs. Yan said Mr. Shu was mistaken in thinking the deer was a house pet. She said that she had brought the deer from the breeding center to raise it.

“It is not like a dog because it gets in a daze when it is near the road. It often looks back or is overwhelmed. But it does not bite and is not noisy. It only hums when it is hungry, and it is very soft,” said Mrs. Yan. She said that when she takes the deer out, she avoids busy roads because vehicle sounds startle the deer.

Mrs. Yan said that many people ask her if they can buy the deer as a pet, but she turns them down. “Usually families do not have the right conditions or techniques for raising deer, or the documentation necessary to own one,” she said.

Shangyu police said that there is no law against walking a deer on a lease, but the owner must not let the deer impede traffic and the deer cannot impact other people’s travel.


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got cash? you can own anything

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Some of this story is missing (suprise, suprise). What are the details about her making a profit and needing a business licence.

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