International Brands Protest Alibaba’s Acceptance into Anti-Counterfeiting Org.

International Brands Protest Alibaba’s Acceptance into Anti-Counterfeiting Org.
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Alibaba has been criticized by a number of brands following the company’s announcement of its official inclusion in the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) earlier this month. At the time of the announcement, Alibaba said that their move to join to IACC highlights the company’s determination to fight fraud.

However, international brands are skeptical, citing past reports of fakes being sold on Alibaba’s Taobao platform. U.S. fashion giant Michael Kors recommended that Alibaba withdraw from IACC. Longchamp and Unifab criticized the decision as well.

“Alibaba’s strategy has consistently been to provide lip service to supporting brand enforcement efforts, while doing as little as possible to impede the massive flow of counterfeit merchandise on its platforms,” said Michael Kors general counsel Lee Sporn in a letter to the IACC.

Alibaba’s head of global intellectual property enforcement Matthew Bassiur said in a statement that the company is committed to fighting counterfeit goods on its platform, and that acceptance into the IACC is “another great step,” in working to fight against fake brands online.

Former IACC chairman Barbara Kolsun said that about two dozen IACC member brands have privately expressed support for Michael Kors’ statement by email and phone.

Unifab, which has about 400 members, told The Wall Street Journal that the company will take action if Alibaba does not take stronger measures to remove fake goods from its platforms.

IACC president Bob Parcheesi said that the organization’s 21-member board unanimously voted to accept Alibaba as a member.

The world’s largest anti-counterfeit coalition, IACC has about 250 members.


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