IKEA Recalls All MALM Dressers Ever Sold in China

IKEA Recalls All MALM Dressers Ever Sold in China
Jul 13, 2016 By eChinacities.com

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IKEA will recall MALM dressers sold in China from 1999 to 2016. The recall was announced this past week after the company went through interviews with AQSIQ, an administrative organ in charge of national quality, exit-entry commodity inspection, and more. The recall will affect 1,660,845 sets of drawers sold in Mainland China, including imports.

When the drawers are not secured properly to the wall, they can be dangerous for children. Deaths and injuries have occurred when children have bumped into the drawers.

IKEA China recently published the relevant details for the recall on its website. Those who have purchased the dressers can visit a nearby IKEA store, call the IKEA China service hotline (400-800-2345), or fill out a form on the IKEA China website (https: //www.ordersafetykit .com / ZH). IKEA will provide free connectors to securely attach the dressers to the wall. Customers are also eligible for a full refund if they return the drawers to any IKEA store.

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And that's when you regret throwing it away in the staircase of your building a couple years ago.

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no undressers were recalled

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tough but good move...

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sounds like a B movie

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