Hundreds Dead or Missing after Brutal Flood Season in Yangtze River Basin

Hundreds Dead or Missing after Brutal Flood Season in Yangtze River Basin
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Xinhua reported that 222 people have died or are missing this year because of severe flooding in the Yangtze River Basin. Yangtze River flood control authorities announced at a news conference yesterday that 49.19 million people have been displaced or affected by flooding,

Chen Min, deputy director of the Yangtze River Flood Control and Drought Relief Bureau, said in a press conference in March that 27 times more rainfall has occurred this year than in normal years in the Yangzte River Basin. Chen said that the heavy rainfall has caused the rivers in the area to be higher than usual, and that 140 rivers in the basin have been on flood alert.

Parts of Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Yunnan, and Shanxi all fall in the Yangtze River Basin. 625 counties have experienced flooding, and 49.19 million people have been affected. 110,000 homes have collapsed and thousands of hectares of cropland has been damaged. Four medium and 403 small reservoirs have been damaged. 161 have been reported dead and 61 people are missing mainly due to houses collapsing and flash floods.


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