Hangzhou Closes Parts of the City Including Most of the West Lake from August 20 to September 6

Hangzhou Closes Parts of the City Including Most of the West Lake from August 20 to September 6
Aug 19, 2016 By eChinacities.com

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On August 17, Hangzhou municipal government announced on its official website that parts of the city will be temporarily closed and access strictly monitored during preparation for G20 Summit and also for when the summit is held.

Accordingly, parts of the city including a majority of the West Lake scenic area will be closed and access will be strictly monitored from August 20 to September 6. From August 20 at 00.01 to August 31 midnight, residents who live and work in the controlled area will need to scan their resident IDs for entry. Those who do not live and work in the area will need to present their official IDs and go through security check before being allowed entry. Only motor vehicles with verified summit permits and displaying proper entry permits will be allowed into the controlled area after security checks, as well as residents and staff displaying non-motor vehicle entry permits.

From September 1 at 00.01 to September 6 midnight, areas designated for strictly controlled access will be closed to the public. Entry will be allowed only for those who reside and work in the area carrying proper identification. Only motor vehicle displaying summit access permit will be allowed in the area after security checks, all other vehicles will be denied access.

During this period, mails and packages to the controlled access areas will be delivered by two designated delivery service providers: China Postal Services Hangzhou Branch and Zhejiang Postal Courier Hangzhou Branch. From August 28 at 12 am to September 6 at 12 am, no mails and packages (newspaper and letters are exempted) will be delivered to hotels designated to receive summit participants.

With the exception of services provided for the G20 Summit, companies or persons may not sell, transport nor have on their persons products considered safety hazards, nor engage in any type of activity that could endanger public safety.

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