Guangzhou’s Ebola Quarantine Plan: A Random Hotel

Guangzhou’s Ebola Quarantine Plan: A Random Hotel
Nov 29, 2014 By

According to reports, the Hotel Canton in Guangzhou has been identified as the Ebola quarantine hotel. Some floors of it are reserved for travelers from infected areas, health care workers, and public security officials.

Not everybody knows, however, and the hotel is also hosting conferences and tourists on the side. It is bustling with people, Voice of America reports.

The report identifies a source who has stated that there are currently more than 90 people from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo who are staying at the hotel. Although Hotel Canton is the only place for them to stay, not all were told this upon arrival.

There are concerns over the way that people are treated, as it is assumed that their bed linens are burned after they leave, and they are required to carry around a GPS-equipped mobile phone. Medical staff comes to check up on those from hit areas twice a day.

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