Guangzhou Metro Construction Destroys Ancient Tombs

Guangzhou Metro Construction Destroys Ancient Tombs
Jun 21, 2013 By

On June 15, it was reported that five ancient tombs were destroyed overnight in Guangzhou’s Luogang District during construction of the city’s metro system.

According to Zhang Qianglu, an official from the Guangzhou Archaeologist Institute, the tombs were around 2-3,000 years old. Zhao, an executive in charge of the project stated that there was a misunderstanding between the workers and the authorities, though the project was given the green light by the Guangzhou Metro Corporation in May.

However another official form the Guangzhou Archaeologist Institute, Miao Hui, denied that the project was given the go ahead. “We notified the builders to stop the project on May 28 so as to avoid destroying the ancient tombs and relics.”

Further work was halted on June 16, with the incident currently under investigation by authorities.

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