Friends Pay Family of Chinese Man Who Died After Binge Drinking Session

Friends Pay Family of Chinese Man Who Died After Binge Drinking Session
May 23, 2018 By

The family of a man who died after a night of excessive drinking in eastern China have been paid off by his friends. The group gave the man’s relatives 1 million yuan (157,000 USD) as compensation, according to the Yangtse Evening Post.

The man, said to be in his 30s, was found dead in the bathtub of a hotel in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, on Saturday night after a session of excessive binge drinking. It is thought he suffered a heart attack and collapsed.

The police, who pronounced the man dead at the scene, confirmed that his friends had reached a settlement agreement with his family. Paying compensation for drink-related deaths is becoming more and more common in China, where binge drinking is practically obilgatory at work banquets and friendly meet ups.

In February, a logistics company in Guangzhou paid the wife and two-year-old child of one of its employees 40,000 RMB (6,275 USD), after the 29-year-old died following a work function. The man had drunk 600ml (1.3 pints) of baijiu in non-stop rounds of toasting among colleagues.

In 2013, a survey by China Youth Daily found that 82 percent of 10,000 people polled think drinking alcohol is essential for career development in China.

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Family though: still not worth the money

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how much for a hangover?

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This happened years ago, WTF ECC, CCP won't allow you to report on recent events

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