Foreign Prostitute Ring Busted in Shanghai

Foreign Prostitute Ring Busted in Shanghai
Jul 02, 2014 By

Three men who pimped out a group of foreign prostitutes- many of whom were students- have been handed down prison sentences ranging from nine months to seven years by the Huangpu People’s Court on Monday.

They were arrested after one of the women was caught in a hotel room with a client by police. The woman confessed that she charged 2,500 RMB per time, but she paid around half to a man surnamed Wang as an ‘agents fee’. Wang has been unemployed since graduating so apparently decided to turn his hand to the murky world of pimping.

The other two men who were sentenced alongside Wang, were the owner of the massage parlor where they operated and a third man who organized the service for his client. Both took a cut of the fees for their services.

Over ten foreign sex workers were arrested and are under administrative detention. Details of the students’ ages and nationalities weren’t dislosed.


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check this video out :30+ Foreigner PROSTITUTES (Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil... ) in Shanghai's Red Light District

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I'm happy to be Spanish then. We will stick to our passionate ways of living which are admired by many.

Jul 13, 2014 03:28 Report Abuse



Love it. Trying to change the world on an internet message board...keep up the fight! The fact that you're implying that it can/does is either alarmingly stupid or pretty humorous.

Jul 09, 2014 01:16 Report Abuse



Anyone that is generalizing an entire race of people- (especially how you all are doing it) whether it's Americans, Chinese, or Russians, comes across as pretty unintelligent and should probably not be teaching. No wonder why I get every job I apply for when it's you clowns that I'm competing against.

Jul 08, 2014 21:03 Report Abuse



I will not leave the website because this one of the places where I look for work.

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Some people who frequent this site are so full of bile and hatred that I actually feel sorry for them. Apart from the hatred they also have a heaped serving of stupidity. Why stay in a country where you hate 99.99% of the population? It's just out and out foolishness. I think Chinese people are lovely. Sure there are a few bad apples - but every country has a few. If you wonder why the unscrupulous ones try and cheat foreigners then take a look at how foreigners have acted in China throughout history; pirates, thieves, murderers, rapists and cheats. In modern times foreigners come here and flaunt their wealth and then are puzzled when they are treated like walking dollar signs. If you don't like China then go home. I won't be party to a racist, culturally imperialist, circle-jerk come bitch session.

Jul 07, 2014 12:25 Report Abuse



"Some Chinese (especially these nouveaux riches) hate Westerners while living in North-America or Europe, should we tell them to go back to China?" If they spend as much time whining about how bad the west is, yes we should. It would be for their own good if they hate it so much. And we wouldn't have to put up with their constant complaints. There are plenty of expats who have been here a lot of years and haven't become cynical about living in China. It's not automatic at all. If you're having such a bad time, leave.

Jul 07, 2014 23:47 Report Abuse



You don't think anyone hates the Chinese as a whole? Scroll up a little and re-read some of the utter nonsense you posted. You said: "Russians are some of the biggest losers, but not on par with Chinese." So what fabulous country do you come from? I'm not being sanctimonious - I'm just calling you a racist. If you think that living in China for a bit qualifies you to be a racist know-all then good for you. Perhaps it would be more courageous of you to put a full name and photo of yourself alongside your racist views? Or are you just a tough guy when you are behind a keyboard? Scuttle back under the rock from where you came.

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i think most of you are a bunch of racist morons who don't understand shit about China. if you hate chinese people so much, why come to this website?

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I seriously doubt it that every Chinese person you have met here in china treats you like that. if this is the way that EVERY CHINESE PERSON treats you, you are doing something wrong. Although it has not been easy, I have made a lot of friends here and people are very often more than willing to help with any problems I have and even though I have met a few people who are racist and assholes, most Chinese I come across have been very kind to me. Still... the fact that you have met a few racist morons here in China does not mean that you should become one as well.

Jul 06, 2014 23:31 Report Abuse



Septic tanks

Jul 05, 2014 09:54 Report Abuse



Yeah, I was thinking of Russians too. And yep, it will get blamed on the foreigners, because, as you know, everything is not the fault of the citizens.

Jul 04, 2014 16:22 Report Abuse



Russians are so popular in this business not only in China.

Jul 03, 2014 08:57 Report Abuse



You forget that there's a Vietnamese kidnapping ring to suit marriage-minded creeps too.

Jul 02, 2014 21:22 Report Abuse