Foreign Media Reports Xi Jinping Lifted to ‘Mao-Like’ Status

Foreign Media Reports Xi Jinping Lifted to ‘Mao-Like’ Status
Oct 25, 2017 By

China President Xi Jinping has been elevated to “Mao-like” status after having his ideology enshrined in the Communist Party constitution.

Source: Global Panorama

Xi Jinping Thought now sits alongside Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory in China’s official ideology following the close of the 19th Party Congress in Beijing on Tuesday.

State media, foreign media and China watchers alike attest that the move has launched China into a new era under its most influential leader since Mao.

"Enshrining Xi's thought into the Party Constitution has proved the main highlight of the congress, signifying a leap forward in the sinicization of Marxism," wrote Xinhua, the Party’s official mouthpiece.

The Global Times, meanwhile, optimistically predicted that Xi Jinping Thought will heal all China’s ailments.

"How to solve all kinds of major problems in the new era? How to utilize China's strength? How to make the win-win principle transcend traditional geopolitics among major powers? Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era will lead us to the answers," the tabloid cheered.

Before Xi, only Mao had his political philosophy added to the constitution while he was still alive; Deng’s Theory was added after his death and neither of Xi’s predecessors got to put their names to their mottos.

Foreign media claim Xi has been lifted to “Mao-like” status and predict he is likely to remain China’s top dog for years to come.

"It means Xi is effectively unassailable: If you challenge Xi, you are challenging the party - and you never want to be against the party," UK newspaper the Guardian quoted China watcher Bill Bishop as saying.

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shanghaiist, not exactly known for its truthful information

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This might help with negotiations.

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And we all remember how 'great' Mao was.

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