Facekini Made Famous by Chinese Aunties Hits Western Fashion Magazines

Facekini Made Famous by Chinese Aunties Hits Western Fashion Magazines
Aug 15, 2014 By eChinacities.com

Chinese media was amused to find that the ‘facekini’- a rubber face mask popularized by the aunties of Qingdao- has been featured in fashion bible the CR Fashion Book, run by French Vogue former editor, Carine Roitfeld. 

The facekini -for the auntie who loves to swim, but hates tanning- covers all but the wearer’s eyes nose and mouth and is terrifyingly reminiscent of a gimp mask, which makes it one of the odder trends for the western fashionistas to have picked up on.

The shoot is titled ‘Masking in the Sun’ and features a model in swimwear lounging by a pool in various poses, all sporting different versions of the facekini.

According to the accompanying blurb, the shoot “...blends all of the glamour of a Helmut Newton-esque pool party with the idea that a deep tan is the enemy...”.

Of course.

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