Drunk Women Knocks on Wrong Door, Gets Beaten for Being the “Mistress”

Drunk Women Knocks on Wrong Door, Gets Beaten for Being the “Mistress”
Jan 07, 2014 By eChinacities.com

On January 5, a women named Xiao Huang in Fuzhou ran into some alcohol induced problems. After returning to her apartment after a reunion party with some old friends, Xiao Huang decided to take a bath in the public restroom. When she got back to her room she realized she had locked herself out in nothing but a bathrobe.

So she headed up to the third floor to find the landlord. Xiao Huang knocked on his door incessantly until someone opened it. Xiao Huang explained the problem, “Can you give me my keys? I locked myself out.” The woman who opened the door, named Mrs Chen, responded by beating Xiao Huang with a pair of slippers.

Turns out, in her tipsy state, Xiao Huang walked up one floor too many, and was not outside the landlord’s flat at all; and Mrs Chen assumed Xiao Huang was her husband’s mistress due to the fact that Xiao Huang was in nothing but a robe and her husband seemed to have a spare key to semi clad woman’s apartment.

Eventually security heard the commotion and came to Xiao Huang’s aid. Once the dust settled and the situation was explained, Miss Chen felt terrible and even offered to pay for her medical expenses. Perhaps she should also spend some money on couples therapy, her and her husband clearly have trust issues.

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Awesome! I'm pretty sure that a lot of Chinese women would probably act the same way if put in Mrs. Chen's shoes. That says a lot about Chinese culture. Sometimes, I'm shocked at the assumptions my wife makes. I know she's half-joking, but sometimes if I do anything out of the ordinary, she makes a comment like I'm trying to hide a girlfriend or something. For example, if I take a shower after coming home, or I'm really tired. She will say something like, "Why are you tired? Are you having too much sex with someone else?" Uh, no. I'm just f*cking tired. I bust my ass working all day while you chat on QQ with your friends and formulate suspicions. I think that it's just social conditioning or something. They all talk on QQ and cheating is such a big part of Chinese culture that every Chinese woman assumes their husband is probably cheating. My wife is cool in other aspects, but just like everyone else in this country, she doesn't have any hobbies. Either way, I believe this story. These women have too much time on their hands. They just sit and think. It's no surprise that Mrs. Chen answers the door with a "loaded gun", so to speak. It's freaking weird. Get a hobby woman!

Jan 13, 2014 23:51 Report Abuse


How do you take a bath in a public restroom?

Jan 09, 2014 15:11 Report Abuse


trust issues dont quite say it. if a woman can decide in her mind in a few seconds that not only her husband is cheating on her. But he got his mistress an apartment in the same building.

Jan 09, 2014 13:11 Report Abuse