Development Zones

Development Zones

Key Economic and Industrial Development Zones
By the end of 2006, there were 19 development zones in Beijing, home to over 35,000 enterprises. The combined sales revenues of all development zones reached 834.95 billion RMB in 2006 with profits of 45.28 billion RMB.

List of Development Zones in Beijing

District/Name of Zone or Area Industries in the Zone Tel/Website
Shijingshan Badachu Hi-Tech Development Area Electronics and Optical Electronics Integration 010-68686665
Tongzhou Yongle Economic Development Area Electronics, Machinery, and Logistics 010-80511472
Houxian Town Industrial Area New Materials, Bio-Medicine, Textiles, Machinery 010-80588881
Jufuyuan Nationalities Industrial Area Machinery, Environmental Protection, Building Materials 010-80531961
Green Food Development Area Foodstuffs 010-61521888
Light Industrial Garments and Garment Decoration Area Garments and Decorations 010-61558156
Majuqiao Xinghuo Intensive Industrial Area Environmentally Friendly Products and New Building Materials 010-69542907
Yanqing Yanqing Economic and Technological Development Area Medicine, Building Materials, Garments and Textiles, Intensive Processing of Farm Produce 010-69149224
Changping Beijing International Information Area Information industry
Daxing Huangcun Industrial Area Petrochemicals, Printing, New Energy and Building Materials 010-89287829
Caiyu Industrial Area Environmentally Friendly Building Materials, Bio- Medicine 010-80271399
Jiugong Industrial Area Printing and Packaging 010-67990134
Penggezhuang Industrial Area Foodstuff Processing, Electronics and Garments 010-89287829
Yizhuang Industrial Area (Eastern and Southern Sections) Wine, Printing and Textiles 010-67371488
Yufa Industrial Area Foodstuff and Machinery 010-89213307
Qingyun Industrial Area Building Materials, Electric Machines, Foodstuffs, Machinery 010-69253650
Huairou Fengxiang Science and Technology Development Area High and New Technology 010-61679488
Beifang Town Jingwei Industrial Development Area Garments, Pharmaceuticals and Building Materials 010-61681469
Fangshan Yanshan Dongliushui
Industrial Area
Refined Chemicals 010-69347331
Lianggong Industrial Area High and New Technology, Chemicals 010-69351845
Fangshan Science and Technology Industrial Area Refined Chemicals, New Building Materials, Medicines, Hi-Tech 010-89351446
Beijing Yanfang Industrial Area Chemicals, Building Materials 010-89351446
Fengtai Fengtai Baipengyao Industrial Warehousing Area Warehousing and Logistics 010-63812244
Fengtai Materials Transport Area Warehousing and Logistics 010-63812244
Fengtai Changxindian
Industrial Area
Modern Manufacturing, High and New Technology 010-63812244
Shunyi Jinma Industrial Area Household Electrical Appliances and Foodstuffs 010-69491030
Juyuan Industrial Area Machinery and Electronics 010-69401879
Chengguan Industrial Area Furniture and Building Materials
Niulanshan Industrial Area Beverages and Building Materials
Hongda Industrial Area Foodstuffs and Garments
Fulida Industrial Area Hi-Tech Industry
Caiyuan Industrial Area Building Materials
Pinggu Mafang Industrial Area Machinery, Garments
and Textiles
Binghe Industrial
Development Area
Light Industrial Products, Electronics and Garments 010-89997041
Yukou Economic
Development Area
Garments, Foodstuffs
and Machinery
Miyun Binghe Industrial
Development Area
Garments and Machinery 010-61086003
Luzhou Industrial
Development Area
Foodstuffs 010-69056100
Jinhu Industrial
Development Area
Garments, Intensive Processing of Farm Produce 010-69056100
Huayun Industrial
Development Area
Garments 010-69056100
Longyuan Industrial Development Area Garments and Foodstuffs 010-69056100
Huadu Industrial
Development Area
Processing of Farm Produce 010-69056100
Yunxi Industrial
Development Area
Garments 010-69056100
Shanqu Industrial
Development Area
Foodstuffs 010-69056100
Julong Industrial
Development Area
Foodstuffs and Garments 010-69056100


 Beijing Economic and Technology Development Zone

The Beijing Economic and Technology Development Zone enjoys state policies formulated especially for state-class economic and technological Development Zones and for state-class hi-tech industrial areas. It is designed to follow a new management system of international standards. The Management Committee of the Development Zone exercises unified decision-making and management processes. The first-phase of the Development Zone covers 15.8 km2 and the second-phase occupies an area of 24 km2. The Development Zone has completed construction of all required infrastructure.

The Zone includes areas for factory premises, a materials transport center, bonded warehouses, a development area for returning overseas Chinese and a scientific and technological enterprise development area, as well as support services such as customs, a post office, telecommunications bureau, financial services, hospital and fire department. The Zone also includes a residential and commercial area.

The number of enterprises and companies that have entered the Zone has surpassed 1,000 and their investment so far has amounted to US$4 billion. Of these enterprises, more than 75% are foreign-funded enterprises whose investments average over US$10 million. They include 36 of the world's Fortune 500 and over 60 multinational companies. Major investors hail from 30-odd countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Israel, South Africa, Spain as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In 2006, enterprises in the Zone realized combined gross revenues of 200 billion RMB, with profit of 12.5 billion RMB.

Thus far, the Zone has formed five pillar industries including bioengineering and new medicines, information technology, optics-machinery-electronics integration, new materials and software development. The Zone continues to support the development of hi-tech enterprises, export enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and added value businesses with low consumption of energy and water.

Beijing Economic & Technology Development Zone Administrative Committee
Add: 4 Wanyuan Jie, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing
Postcode: 100076
Tel: 010-67881107, 67881240
Fax: 010-67881118, 67881210

Zhongguancun Science Park

The Zhongguancun Science Park is composed of the Haidian Development Area, the Fengtai Development Area, the Changping Development Area, the Electronics Town Science and Technology Development Area and the Yizhuang Science and Technology Development Area. It is currently home to over 8,000 enterprises, among which there are 180 enterprises that have revenues exceeding 100 million RMB; there over 1,400 foreign-funded enterprises; there are 43 companies from the world's Fortune 500; and there are R&D centers run by Microsoft, IBM, Motorola and 20 other multinational corporations. Lenovo, China's foremost IT company, has also set up in the Park.

The Park is China's biggest science park with a high concentration of scientific and technological institutions and intellectual resources. Located in this area are 39 institutions of higher learning represented by Beijing University and Tsinghua University. There are 213 research institutions as exemplified by the institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and 37% of the academics of both the CAS and CAE are living and working in this area.

Many state-level laboratories and important engineering and technology centers are concentrated in this area too. The Zhongguancun Science Park is the largest software development and production center in China and there are 1500 R&D centers and hi-tech companies set up by or invested by renowned overseas companies. In 2006, enterprises operating in the Zone realized gross revenue of 644.8 billion RMB with profits of 37.69 billion RMB.

Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee
Add: 9-(B) Daozuomiao, Haidian District, Beijing
Postcode: 100080
Tel: 010-82690500
Fax: 010-82690506
Website: (Chinese)

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