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Dalian Transport - Introduction

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Dalian is a major transport hub that is easily reachable by air, water or land. Only 10 kilometers away from the city center, Dalian's international airport provides flights to 39 international destinations and approximately 98 domestic lines.

For travelers headed to the city, buses and trains are the most popular form of transport. For those individuals travelling out of Dalian, the city has extensive rail connections to cities all over the country.   Also, northeast China’s network of highways and expressways mean that bus rides to and from Dalian to nearby cities are relatively short and comfortable.

Since Dalian is an important port city in northeastern China, ferry services are offered year round.  But few brave this mode of transport during the harsher winter months. In the summertime, visitors can travel by boat to cities like Incheon in South Korea and Tianjin in China.

Dalian's extensive public transport system makes commuting within the city quick, comfortable and convenient. The city's roads radiate from the central Zhongshan Square. Roads are saturated with buses, trams and taxis and extend out as far as the Fujiazhuang Beach on the outskirts of Dalian. The fact that Dalian's buses lack air-conditioning or heating, while uncomfortable at times, helps to keep the city's environment clean.

With the construction of the new development zone, the city now has a light rail system that facilitates travel from Dalian Railway Station to the Golden Pebble Beach National Resort and Dalian's New Development Zone. Dalian also has a Tourism Loop Line that hits all the major spots. Dalian’s transportation system is also supplemented with taxis that operate 24 hours a day.

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Yoo hoo....anybody there....while the article about public transport is interesting for an overall picture....some of the links don't work and we would really love to see a route map.......anyone know where to get one of those?

Oct 06, 2013 08:47

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