Corn: The Secret of the Xinjiang Village with the Worlds’ Oldest People

Corn: The Secret of the Xinjiang Village with the Worlds’ Oldest People
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Xinjiang’s Hetian is the village with the worlds’ oldest people. In 1990, there were already 114 people who were over the age of 100. A survey discovered that there were some particular dietary habits that this can be attributed to.

For example, it was discovered that most people ate one type of food: corn, which 80% of their daily food intake consists of. According to “Life Times”, people in Hetian would prefer to eat corn rather than naan and steamed buns.

Secondly, their long lives are also due to the preparation of ingredients when preparing food. Their rice and noodles are coarser than in other parts of the country, which means that they contain more vitamin B and minerals. The people living here also don’t really like to eat sweet foods.

Other things that have helped the people of Hetian stay healty and live longer include onions, melons and grapes.

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I like corn.

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Yes, and Japan still dominates the world in life expectancy. But those are merely facts based on evidence. Japanese people only live the longest in REALITY, which is of no importance to any Chinese person.

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No Birth Certificates: The Secret of the Xinjiang Village with the World's "Oldest" People. Once China stops making up history to suit itself, having the world's least honest people, and letting people change their birth records, maybe we'll believe stories like this one. Actually, we probably won't. Facts in China aren't based on evidence, because Chinese people aren't interested in evidence. We can file "China has the oldest people" alongside "China won World War II" and "China invented pizza".

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Ah, now I can finally rationalize my prodigious consumption of Fritos.

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