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A Chinese teenager has died after allegedly receiving multiple injuries at an internet and gaming addiction treatment center in Anhui Province.

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According to the boy’s mother, surnamed Liu, they were informed by the center in Fuyang city that their son had been rushed to hospital just 48 hours after he arrived on Aug. 3. The boy died shortly after in hospital.

Mrs Liu says doctors told her that her son had sustained multiple external and internal injuries. The exact cause of his death is, however, currently unknown.

"My son's body was completely covered with scars, from top to toe... When I sent my son to the center he was still fine, how could he have died within 48 hours?" Ms Liu told the Anhui Shangbao newspaper.

China has seen a recent proliferation of such boot camps, which often use controversial measures to treat addiction. Some employ electro shock therapy and physical beatings in attempts to rid patients of their perceived ailments.

In 2016, a Chinese teenager is said to have murdered her mother for sending her to an addiction center at which she claimed to have been abused.

The facility in Fuyang, which has since been closed down by authorities, advertised a combination of “psychological counseling and physical training” to treat internet and gaming addictions. Four workers, including the director of the center, have apparently been arrested.

Some addiction centers in China are government run, while others are private. Last year the government drafted laws that, if passed, would prohibit abusive treatment of addicts. 

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